What So You Think You Can Dance Taught Me

Something you need to know about me is I’m a fan girl of two things: Nathan Fillion (I mean, have you seen Firefly?) and So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). I’ve managed to win tickets for the live So You Think You Can Dance studio audience, attended seven tours, and […]

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Have you ever played the game – what would my life be like if I never found Jesus? All the times that I have it has ended up quite humorous and I usually get pegged as being a pagan hippie in Colorado living in a tree house … But for […]

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From My Perspective: Understanding ASD

We’ve all noticed teens losing eye contact because of social media influencers and technology. For the past few years, I have been looking at what’s happening around me in the pews at Mass, and at Edge and Life Nights with new eyes. I see with eyes of a someone passionate […]

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It’s a flying Edge Box! (But seriously be careful some of those UPS guys can fling boxes like no one’s business). There is some high flying fun heading your way in this March Edge Support Box. This is the second bonus semester of Edge Support in which we step outside […]

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Edge on Flocknote

Wouldn’t it be great if your life as a youth minister could have an easy button? Well it can! I mean it is more like three or four buttons, and they aren’t actually buttons…but you get the point. In case you missed it Life Teen has teamed up with Flocknote […]

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WHAT? It’s Lent Already?

I just took down my Christmas tree in my office (yes I put up a Christmas tree in my office) and Ash Wednesday is next week! WHAT? The Girl Scouts haven’t delivered my cookies yet, and I have to start thinking about Stations of the Cross and the CRS Rice […]

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Ask the Therapist: Speaking to Adolescents About Drugs

I remember making the commitment to never use drugs in the 6th grade through our local D.A.R.E program. In D.A.R.E, I remember learning about the negative consequences of drugs. Unfortunately, in the young adolescent mind, abstract thinking is still developing and the threat of consequences from drugs and alcohol can […]

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Wear Your Faith on Your Sleeve

“Dude, come on. Put it on!” said my best friend Tom doing his best to convince my thirteen year-old self to drape an impractical length of brown cord and cloth around my neck. Tom’s final attempt to pique my interest in wearing a scapular was to say, “Come on! You […]

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Disciplining Out of Love

She might as well have been wearing a sign reading, “I don’t want to be here.” She deliberately removed herself from other teens and watched without enthusiasm. Ministry rookie that I was, I immediately made her my project. After a while, she had moved from disinterested to actively disruptive. She […]

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Embracing the Chaos

I remember it well: the panic and craziness that was my first attempt at a parish middle school ministry. I suppose I had it coming. There’s probably a reason you don’t find too many middle school programs called “Chaos!” Our parish Edge program has come a long way from there- […]

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