The Young Church Needs You to Talk About Sin and Mercy

Teens and adults are being swallowed up and spit out by a secular humanist, morally relativist culture. People have forgotten a fundamental truth about sin: namely, that God did not give Adam and Eve the right to decide what was good and evil (subjective); in His mercy, He gave them the right to choose between good and evil (objective).

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It’s Time to Let go of the Rocks in Your Life

I must have spent over an hour trying to toss that rock in the water, holding it in my hand like I still held the shame of my sins in my heart – there was fear, worry, doubt.

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My Greatest Confession

It was dark outside. There were a few lanterns lit, revealing a few chairs, seated opposite each other and spaced apart in the starry night. It was my turn. I was standing next to a friend, and when I saw the open seat, I hesitated. “No, I think I’d rather […]

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