Addressing Clergy Sexual Abuse and Cover Up

If you are upset, angry, confused, or sad, you are not alone. I understand these emotions because I feel them too. As leaders of teens, we also must be prepared to step up and help guide our younger brothers and sisters in Christ through this darkness.

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Chaos, Hope, and the Parish Staff

It was the night of our fall semester kickoff. The core team was gathered, the name tags were out, and the Pokémon were hidden at various “Pokéstops” throughout the facility. One last prayer, one last deep breath, and the glass doors were opened to the chaos that is junior high […]

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My family has a glorious custom of watching “Christmas Vacation” every year on Christmas Eve. Without fail, when we return home from Mass, we have a pizza cook-off and settle into a few hours of ridiculous Christmas antics. Anytime someone suggests a different movie, there is a small revolt because […]

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One Family, Many Parts

This year, the Life Teen movement is made up of 1753 parishes in 28 countries. How could one possibly feel at home in so many different locations? As a U.S. Military Brat (one who grew up as a son or daughter of a military parent, a term of endearment, really), […]

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Celebrating Persons

Do we need to know every detail of the teens’ lives? No. Nor do we need to broadcast every little thing to the entire youth group. Everything has its time and place. We just need to be open, available, and aware of what is going on just below the surface so that we can better serve our teens and help build community. We need to be with them on in their successes and their failings. As youth ministers and as volunteers, we can ask questions about their lives and passions. We can get our hands dirty in the muck and mire of life in order to show they are not alone.

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