He is Near: A Free Video and Small Group Guide for Advent

Editor’s Note: For use as a small group reflection, read the first couple paragraphs aloud, then watch the video and discuss the questions, ending your time by either reading the prayer together, or having one person read the prayer to the group. Who would the Holy Family be in our […]

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The One Advent I Almost Quit Youth Ministry

When I entered youth ministry as a volunteer, I thought it was amazing. In hindsight, I think I realize why I thought that: I had a set group of teenagers that I ministered to every single week I never was around on Monday morning to hear about what was broken […]

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Waiting: The Journey of an Engaged Couple

It started with an invitation, a proposal. An angel didn’t appear, but a very special man got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. So many thoughts were racing through my head as I said “yes.” It was a “yes” to faithfulness, companionship, and life together. […]

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Arise and Shine (Luke 1:39-45)

I will never forget the day I learned to keep my good news to myself. I was at a gathering of youth ministers, and our discussion turned to various things that were happening in our parishes. My parish was having a great year; we had incredible growth among the teenagers, […]

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28, Single, and Loving It!

When I was 18, I would never have thought ten years later, I would be 28, single, and loving it! I have absolutely no clue what my vocation is. It could be marriage; God knows I would make beautiful babies! Possibly religious; who’s a better soul mate than Jesus? Or […]

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Pep Talk for Singles

Advent is a great season for me to wonder who God has me waiting for. Of course, Jesus is the answer to that question. But I am speaking of my vocation. Specifically, I am thinking about my vocation to marriage during this season and all the circumstances that have brought […]

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Arise and Shine (Luke 3:10-18)

I want to petition that we begin considering John the Baptist the patron saint of youth ministers. Think about it: He reaches out to people of all walks of life and challenges them. His fashion sense and diet leave a lot of people very, very confused. Some people think he […]

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Youth Ministry is so Advent

Advent is about waiting. Anticipating. Expecting. Preparing. Hoping. This sounds a lot like youth ministry to me. We wait for youth to commit their lives to Jesus. We wait for them to arrive so we can start our youth gatherings. We wait for their parents to pick them up at […]

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Waiting: A Seminarians Journey

On a hot August day six years ago when I drove up to Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis to move in, my first thought was not how long I would call this place home. To be honest, as I stood in the shadow of the massive tower, my main thought […]

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Childlike Christmas

Just shy of four years ago, I became a mom to a spunky, blue-eyed, fair-skinned redhead girl who has taught me a lot about myself, my life, and my relationship with God. Whether it’s excitement over some free stickers at the dentist office, or a complete meltdown because I asked […]

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