Youth Ministry is so Advent

Advent is about waiting. Anticipating. Expecting. Preparing. Hoping.

This sounds a lot like youth ministry to me.

We wait for youth to commit their lives to Jesus. We wait for them to arrive so we can start our youth gatherings. We wait for their parents to pick them up at the end of our events.

We anticipate the arrival of youth at our gatherings with our eyes fixated on the door. We anticipate their confusion or their silence when we are preparing small group discussions. We anticipate their excitement when we announce the dates of retreats and rallies.

We expect the youth to behave when they are at Church. We expect that more youth will come out to social events than teaching nights. We expect that Father will ask us “So how many people came to youth ministry last night?”

We prepare prayer services, social justice excursions, and skits. We prepare snacks to serve the youth either before, during, or after the gathering. We prepare them to be able to share their testimonies with the world that so desperately needs to hear them.

We hope that we are making a difference in the youth’s lives. We hope that they make good decisions especially in the face of temptation. We hope that their homes are stable and that their friends are good.

Most of all, we love them where they are at, and we lead them to an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Just as Christ entered the world to love and encounter us.

About the Author

Clay Imoo

Clay lives in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada with his wife Gail and three children Sean, Jacob, and Kayla. He has served as the Director of the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office of the Archdiocese of Vancouver for the past 12 years, and was part of the original Core Team of the first parish to implement Life Teen in Canada (back in 1993)! When not doing ministry, he enjoys spending time with family, playing music and sports, making cheesy YouTube videos, and writing blogs on topics such as family, faith, and the Vancouver Canucks. @claytonimoo

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