Social Life Nights to Put on Your Calendar NOW!

Hey First Year Youth Ministers!
There are lots of ways to create an amazing calendar. You may be wondering, which series? Which Social Life Nights? Which Issue Life Nights? Any Life Nights that pertain to the liturgical season? These are all great questions you should be asking as you plan your calendar this summer.

Here’s a recommendation for your Social Life Nights. ILLUMINATE, a Kick-Off Life Night to launch your program with dynamism. LAS POSADAS, a Christmas Social that is centered on the reason for the season. RUNNING BLIND, another high energy Kick-Off Life Night, but on a budget. BEHOLD, a prayerful way to conclude the year.

Fall Kick-Off

Christmas Social
LAS POSADAS — A Christmas Social Life Night

Spring Kick Off
RUNNING BLIND — A Low Budget Social Life Night

End of Year
BEHOLD — An XLT on Eucharistic Adoration

Click here if you are looking to add Issue Life Nights or Liturgical Life Nights and here if you are looking for catechetical content found in the series.

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