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And, While We Were Praying…

Imagine that your young adult son walked out your front door one day in early December, and that you haven’t heard from him since.

Imagine that you get a phone call from the police in late January telling you that they have found your son’s car in front of an abandoned house.

Now imagine your emotions as you drive to meet the police where they found your son’s car—tears, sweaty palms, heart pounding, mind racing, wondering what you’ll find when you arrive at the scene.

As these actual events were unfolding for a staffer at our parish, we gathered in an upper room at our parish offices to pray for Patrick* and his son Michael.* We asked our Blessed Mother to intercede as we prayed a rosary. And then, we waited.

And, while we were praying…

The police, going door-to-door, found Michael—injury free—and led him to his dad who brought him home.

The next week, Patrick and Michael flew to Austin, Texas to be with their nine year-old granddaughter/daughter who was losing her fight with cancer, which had metastasized to her pancreas. When they arrived, she had a 105-degree fever and was not expected to live much longer. Patrick and the hospital chaplain prayed over her for hours. They blessed her, baptized her, and claimed her for Christ.

And, while they were praying…

The fever broke to normal, and upon further examination, the doctors could not find a trace of cancer—anywhere! In addition, family healing and reconciliation were underway.

God hears! God acts! God heals! God reveals Himself! I believe in miracles! I’ve seen them first-hand. Patrick and Michael’s story is just one of many. I have to be honest, though, I had a rather painful personal revelation following these events.

I’m not praying enough!

Sure, I pray, but I’m now convinced it’s not been enough—not nearly enough. I’m not asking God enough to heal my family, to bless my marriage, to reveal Himself to those I serve in ministry, to help me be more docile to the Holy Spirit, to forgive me, and to help me identify and remove obstacles so that I can “pray without ceasing.”

Are you nodding your head in agreement? If so, let’s get to praying, so that when sharing our miracle stories, we can say, “And, while we were praying….”

Grace & Peace!

* The actual names of the father and the son have been changed to respect their wish for anonymity.

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