Your Ministry’s Presence on Social Media Matters

Teens check their phones countless times throughout the day. They are checking snaps and stories, scrolling through tweets and Instagram, sharing how they feel and retweeting the awesome. Your ministry’s presence on social media is more important now than ever. Why? If you are not engaging teens every day, you […]

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Pick Up Your Cross…

Well God, here we go again: the beginning of another ministry year. Freshmen are imploding at Life Night with a mixture of energy and nerves. Seniors already are suffering from senioritis. Veteran Core is setting the most excellent example by showing up late for the excited new Core Members. And […]

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Kid’s Table

I am blessed in a lot of ways. I don’t always realize it, but in the quiet moments when I think about what God does in my life I realize how little I deserve it. One of the most amazing parts of what I do with Life Teen is that […]

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A Piece of Mail Changed My Life

I had just graduated from eighth grade, and I received an invitation in the mail to the Freshman Welcome Life Teen Luau at my church. I knew about the luau since every June an ominous looking volcano water slide, made out of what looked like discarded wood and black trash […]

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Gold or Nothing!

So, I might have reached Olympic exhaustion by sitting on my couch every single night the past two weeks. It is difficult work to sit, watch, and cheer on athletes who have trained tirelessly for their entire lives. It’s my American duty to cheer on my country, and I have […]

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Six Steps to Make it the Best Year Ever!

A new school year means big plans. As youth ministers, we are in the midst of planning Life Teen, Confirmation, and Edge kick-offs, doing Core training, and inviting teens to be a part of the ministry family. In the middle of the back to school chaos, it’s important to reflect […]

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The time has come! Your brand new, redesigned Edge Support Box is now live online and on it’s way to your parish!! You will be receiving the very first Semester Planning Guide that introduces our three-year cycle  to cover the entirety of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Existence […]

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Like, Share, Favorite.

Middle school was the worst! It was an awkward time of voice changes (for guys), odd height differentials (for girls), and pimples (for everybody). For me, it was one of the first times I can remember really wanting to be liked and accepted. Sure, in elementary school I wanted to […]

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Olympics, World Youth Day, and Luke 12

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited for the Olympics! Although I love to watch the Luge competitions during the Winter Olympics, nothing beats beach volleyball, soccer, archery, swimming, and gymnastics.   Watching all the countries enter with flags raised high displaying the world’s greatest athletes takes […]

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If Only! Comparison in Youth Ministry

I don’t know about you, but the teens at my parish often drove a nicer car than I ever did. In fact, when I graduated college, my first grown up purchase was a car. It was from the showroom of a local dealership, which helped save some money. To help […]

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