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New Year, New You!

To keep it Catholic, let’s acknowledge we’re a bit ahead of the game on the New Year. Why? Because our new year started back in December (living liturgically folks!)! But, let’s jump on the bandwagon of January 1st in popular culture because who doesn’t need a reason to get goal oriented again?

As you prepare your champagne toasts, here are some thoughts for setting some solid goals that will help you make this a Holy New Year—after all, it’s the Holy Spirit guiding us, not the happy spirit.

Oh, you holy, huh?

The typical line is “fancy,” but New Year dresses and suits aside, we’ve got to prepare our hearts for serious sanctification. Here are three ways you can do that this year.

1. Make time for Jesus.

Seems simple, but the reality is, we forget that he needs to be a priority. Try giving Jesus the best hours of your day, not just the sleepy-eyed, dozing off into dreamland, very few seconds of gratitude. Going from that state of mind to 5 minutes of morning prayer can significantly satisfy the soul.

2. Frequent the Sacraments.

Daily Mass and Reconciliation are a must in the midst of our busy schedules. One daily Mass a week can offer quite a boost—so skip your pack of Emergen-C and hit the pew. To get the most out of that Mass, clean house before inviting the most important guest in—go to Reconciliation.

3. Give gratefully.

Giving your time, talents, and treasure in ways that aren’t just to support your own ministry can help boost your heart for some healthy living. Visit a convalescent home, drop off clothing items to those in need, or give more time to your family. Give where you know you need to give, and do it with an attitude of gratitude.

These three small things can ensure that you have a Holy New Year and by this time next year, you’ll be strutting your saintly stuff.

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