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Messy Game Ideas: Ketchup, Eggs, and Spam, Oh My!

What do ketchup, spam, ho ho’s, peanut butter, eggs, soap, and pickles have in common? They make awesome games for youth ministry! Spring is fast approaching and for many in youth ministry that means (even more so now) teens will be away on vacation, involved in athletics, preparing for final exams and beginning their summer jobs. As always, families must coordinate schedules and get togethers. By the time it hits Sunday, most people are more likely to be found in bed rather than going to Mass. It is our job to get them there and to be excited about our faith. Why not spice up your life night with some wild and messy activities.

Below are some suggestions for spring break fun, a social night, or just an outdoor messy Olympic night.

Marshmallow Game: You will need large marshmallows for this game. Divide the youth into teams. Give each teen a marshmallow. The first player must lick the marshmallow, stick it to their forehead, and run to the finish line and back, to tag the next person. The next player does the same, until each player has had a turn. If the marshmallow falls off, they have to stop, stick it back on, and continue. The first team to be sitting in a straight line wins! Play upbeat, energetic music while game is played. The music starts on “Go” and stops when a team wins.

Ketchup Brigade: supplies: a gallon of ketchup and an empty bucket for each team. Teens form a line with ketchup on one end, empty bucket on the other. First youth scoops up a handful of ketchup and passes it onto the next person. Using only their hands, teens fill their bucket with ketchup.

Spam Toss: just like an egg toss only you use a can of spam.

Egg Baseball: give each team a dozen eggs and a baseball bat. One team pitches and plays in the field, the other bats. Team with most hits wins.

Bobbing for Ho-Ho’s: Got milk? Got some Ho-Ho’s? How about a big bowl? That’s all you need for this game. Like bobbing for apples, you put the milk and Ho-hos in the bowl and let people bob for the chocolate treats. The person who gets the most of them wins.

Slippery Limbo: Lay a tarp down on the floor. Take some dishwashing detergent and spray it down on the tarp. Add a little water, and you have a slippery surface. Then have the students to line up to do some limbo. If you feel like the floor is too hard, do this activity outside or lay some mats under the tarp. Feel free to add other ingredients as well (peanut butter, pickles, etc!)

You’ll want to have some prizes on hand like candy or ketchup packets to give to the winning group. Whatever you do this spring, enjoy your ministry! Enjoy the young people that God has called you to serve!

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