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Joy in Confirmation Preparation

When you think of Confirmation, does a checklist immediately come to mind?

Instruct confirmation candidates about their Catholic identity and review Creed: check.

Explore and define the gifts of the Holy Spirit: check.

Teach the importance of choosing a proper saint and sponsor: check.

The list of to-do’s can seem endless and overwhelming. Phaedrus said, “Things are not always what they seem.” Have we lost sight of what Confirmation really is about?

Confirmation is not a job or a series of tasks to be completed. It is more than collecting paperwork and a list of requirements. Confirmation is a sacred tradition and sacrament. It is about the Holy Spirit! Why, then, do we get lost and focus on the logistics and not the gifts?

In baptism, we are left with an indelible mark on our soul. Simply, God claims us. Not only are we welcomed into God’s family, but also we become co-heirs to the Kingdom of God. We are given a mission, a baptismal call. The mission is simple: to love others and to defend our faith. In Confirmation, we are freely given the gifts necessary to carry out our kingdom worthy mission! We are not encouraged, but rather empowered to live and love as Christ did!

Knowing this, should we all not be jumping up and down with joy that we get the honor of preparing our teens for their Holy Confirmation? Remembering this is what fuels my enthusiasm when preparing and planning any Confirmation prep. Remembering this is what helps me to stay focused on the bigger picture and not only on the details. It is not just a responsibility that we have been charged with, but also a privilege. We get to teach our teens about the Holy Spirit and His love for each and every one of them! Not only is Confirmation an expression of His love, it is also God’s way of setting us up for success.

The Holy Spirit is not only going to pour gifts out upon our newly confirmed, but is also ready to share those gifts with us as we work to prepare them!

Let us call upon the fruits of the Holy Spirit to inspire and embolden our ministry. Let us pray for patience; may we be patient with the preparation process and all of its intricacies. Let us pray for gentleness; may we be gentle with our teens as they learn, grow and absorb. Let us pray for love; may we love our teens the way that God loves us. In times when we would rather choose to stay quiet than speak the Truth, God gives us fortitude. In times when we do not know what to do, God provides us with counsel. In times when we desire to know and understand God better, He gives us wisdom and knowledge.

Confirmation allows their hearts to beat in tandem with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Witnessing that transformation is pure joy, and entering fully into that joy each year is a privilege for me.

About the Author

Jackie Kmet

Jackie Kmet lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband, Matt. They attend St. Ann's where Jackie serves as the Edge and Confirmation Coordinator.

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