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It’s Lent Again

Ashes, Facebook posts, and everyone talking about it can make the first week easy to get into the sacrificial spirit. But already some may be struggling – or even bored with what they have chosen to add or subtract from their life in hoping to bridge the gap between them and Christ. As the buzz of Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent begins to fade, where we do we find ourselves?

Target Practice

I believe that if we are doing Lent correctly, there should come a time before Easter where we ask ourselves “Why?” “Why did I choose to do this again?” I think that question in itself proves that we have set out to achieve something beyond our comfort zone, which is a good thing. But it’s how we answer that questions that can give us true insight into who we would like to be. The most important thing that I have overlooked time and time again during Lent is intentionality. What is the specific reason and goal behind doing what I’m doing? What is my why behind choosing to attend daily Mass, only drink water, stop eating pork grinds, or all of the other things we choose? We have to pick a target. When we know what our why is, greater meaning and attention is therefore attached to our Lenten journey and our faith in general.

Embrace The Boring

There have been times, and there will be times that we are going to be bored when working on growing spiritually – and that’s ok. While many of us who are in youth ministry realize that God high moments fade retreats come and go, and our faith will most likely be cyclical, it is also important to embrace the fact that there will be days where it’s just plain boring. Good news! Boring doesn’t mean stale or stagnant. By committing to 40 days of change, to put aside in a new way the things that are holding us back – we are moving. It’s called a faith journey because it takes time, but it’s the consistency in showing up that leads to huge growth and change. So when things in our faith life seem mundane, it may be time to switch up our approach, while trusting in the process.

Small But Huge

You’ve likely been intentional about the why behind what you chose for Lent. You are committed to showing up and embracing the boring days that may come. But will that be enough? What if we feel like it’s not taking us to the spiritual place we want to be? We have to consider that small actions made over time can lead to huge results. Let’s say you or I wanted to start praying for five more minutes a day, who doesn’t have five minutes right? Over the course of the year, we would be praying for 30 hours more than we used to! Something so small and attainable can lead us to a deeper relationship with Jesus if we stay consistent.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Talk about consistency! Jesus has been and will be the same because nothing will ever stop Him from showing up for us. So let us show up for Him in a new way this Lent. Let us journey through difficult days, the boring ones, and the ones that come somewhat easy. Let’s make this holy season count so we can join Christ as a new creation ourselves on Easter.

Praying for you and your Lenten journey of intentional consistency.


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I am a full-time youth minister in St. Louis. I’ve been blessed to visit missions in Uganda and Haiti. I am married to an amazing woman Michelle and dad to my little girl Connie. I love coffee, sports, superman and quoting The Office. Pizza is my kryptonite. Feel free to email me at or follow me on Twitter @timclaudin.

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