In Pursuit: Confessions of a Gay Catholic Teenager

We need to talk about same-sex attraction more.

Experiencing these attractions is a reality in the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. If we don’t make a concerted effort to be united in how we speak about, teach about, and live the Church’s teaching on same-sex attraction, we risk alienating or deeply hurting some people.

That’s why we’ve been working tirelessly on a new book. It’s called In Pursuit. It is the story of AJ Santiago, a Catholic teen who has experienced same-sex attractions for his whole life and writes about it in a beautifully raw, and honest way. He shares how he has been affected by bullying, and hatred of others, but also by the joy of brotherhood, and the love and welcome of his church community. He writes about sin, about wrestling with God’s truths, and about coming home to God the Father’s arms.

We know this book can be a powerful tool for you and your teens. Besides AJ’s autobiography, we’ve included over 20 pages of questions and answers based on his story, and on common misconceptions about the Catholic Church’s teaching on sexuality, love, and marriage.

Use this book for your own growth in knowledge, understanding, and compassion. Use it to teach your Core Team. Use it to walk with a group of teens into the beauty of truth and freedom God offers us. Our pray is simply that you make good use of it.

The time of talking about same-sex attraction in hushed tones, or negative jokes is over. If we are to be a Church with open arms, we must know and share God’s truth about sexuality. In Pursuit will help you do just that.

Here’s what Fr. Mike Schmitz had to say about the book:

“In sharing this part of his story, AJ is revealing his heart. He has revealed the heart of a young man who has been touched by cruelty and difficulty, but also touched by God’s grace. I was deeply moved by AJ’s painful battle; not only with his sexuality, but also with his sense of self and of allowing God to love him. Reading about the way in which AJ had the courage to share his heart with his youth leaders and close friends reveal that God has indeed made him for love.

Too often, same-sex attraction can be seen as an ‘issue.’ But AJ’s story reveals that this is more than an issue; this is a young man’s heart, his experience of self, and his life. I hope that many people read his story and realize that true love calls us all by name, regardless of our story.”

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