I got you. Trust me.

A year ago, I was at Camp Covecrest with a group of teens from my parish (It really is the best camp ever, you’ve got to go if you haven’t been). Wednesday rolled around, and it was ropes course day. Now I am 5’7 and deathly afraid of heights. My buddy Joe was hosting for the week and asked me if I would climb Jacob’s ladder with him. He said he was “all legs” and needed my help. Did I mention how afraid of heights I am? But I couldn’t leave Joe hanging. He needed help.

Joe made it to the top that day, but I froze up and didn’t. I couldn’t get past my fear of heights. I helped my buddy Joe but never made it myself.

Fast-forward a year and I’m back at camp. It’s ropes course day again, and all the guys in my group pumped me up and talked me into trying again. Again, almost to the top I froze. I couldn’t move. It was a very familiar feeling only this time it was different. I wanted to make it to the top. All the guys were yelling and cheering for me. I said a quick prayer, asking the Father to help me trust. I looked down, “pull harder on my rope,” I yelled down. “Make me uncomfortable.”

I will never forget the rush. I will never forget the emotion. It was the Father and me at the top of Jacob’s ladder. I heard the Father speaking to my heart, “I got you. Trust me.”

A couple of weeks later, we took our Cub Scout pack to a local climbing gym. My son Jay is 7. He doesn’t like heights either (I wonder where he gets that from). I was belaying him up the wall, and he froze. I started encouraging him. “Daddy’s got you.” “Daddy won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.” As I cheered my boy on, I felt the Lord again, echoing his words to my heart, “I got you. Trust me.”

In our walk with the Father, there are so many times the “climb” gets difficult. So many moments we can freeze up and not want to move. Fear and the unknown take us out. Still the Father echoes his words, “I got you. Trust me.”

On the ladder of life, the Father secures our rope. He’s not going to let anything happen to us. He’s got us. So the next time you freeze up. Stop for a moment. Feel the Father embracing you. Nudging you to go on. Hear his words of encouragement. “I got you. Trust me.”

Don’t be afraid to risk big for the Kingdom. For your sanctity and the sanctity of those around you.


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About the Author

John Ray lives in Carencro, LA., a small Cajun town. Small town America is very different from small town Louisiana. He has a 6' pet alligator named T-boy. And enjoys what humidity does to his hair. He has spent the best years of his life with his best friend and bride, Alesha. They have three children, Jay (John Ray IV), Cecilia and Noah Luke, who they'll meet in November. He has been a full time youth director since 2000. And when he is not praying with teenagers, he can be found spending time with his family and playing fetch with T-boy.

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