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Happily Ever After

I have recently been catching up on Once Upon a Time – and by catching up I mean that I am hardly halfway through Season 3. One of the reasons I have come to enjoy this show is that there are so many amazing lessons and themes that can directly apply to the Christian life. The fact that the show is not laced with sex scenes is a bonus.

What I have continually been struck by in this show is the constant theme of hope. No matter how grim things get, or how impossibly unfair outcomes seem, Snow and Charming continuously encourage and challenge each other and the others to have hope. There is a prevailing theme to choose hope and against all odds they will find their happy ending.

Fairy tales always end with the classic “and they lived happily every after”. But does happily ever after actually exist for us in our reality?

We believe in life everlasting, in a God, who created and destined us for eternal happiness. So I would say that yes, happily ever after really does exist. As Catholics, we are given concrete reason to hope for this happy ending. We know that no matter how hard the journey or how impossible the situations may seem, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we can have a happy ending.

We have to remember that we are just pilgrims on this earth; this is not our final destination. We are not created just to work every day, to just clean up after our kids every day, to just go from point A to point B, wake up and do it all again. We are not created to live in time, to feel the pressure of deadlines, to fear time is going to fast, or to slow. We are not created just to make money or be successful. We are created in love and for Love. We are created for timelessness and beatitude. We are created to live in eternal happiness with God in the garden of paradise.

So when you long for so much more, feel dissatisfied with what is in front of you, or think all is lost. Choose to hope. When you find yourself loving life or a moment in time and wanting it to stay the same forever, remember you are created for eternity. When you wonder how it will all end or if everything will all be okay, remember that no matter what happens, no matter the odds you will face, in Christ you will have your happy ending.


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Amanda Grubbs is a graduate from Franciscan University with a degree in Theology and Catechetics with a concentration in Youth Ministry. She serves as the Edge Support Coordinator for Life Teen, and is actively involved at her local parish. She is a Colorado native, happily married, and loves all things fall (which is unfortunate when living in the middle of the desert). You can email her at or follower her on Twitter @LT_AmandaG.

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