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Haiti Youth Minister Mission Trip – Join Us!

Three years ago, the Lord invited Life Teen to Haiti to serve the youth and young adults in Petite Rive. We had no idea what the Lord would have in store for the day to day of the mission, but we knew He was calling people from the US to serve. Being a parish based ministry, we knew we wanted to get teens and their youth ministers down to the mission base as soon as possible. Hence, the beginning of the youth minster and core mission trip.

I have had the privilege of leading two mission trips of youth ministers and core members to our mission base in Haiti. Life Teen’s desire for any mission trip going to Haiti is that the group will be so inspired that they will then go and be missionaries back at home. The youth minister mission trip provides a perfect opportunity for youth ministers and core to experience the mission before their teens go. Experiencing the trip first can help a youth minister to know how to share the mission better with their parish and to discern whether or not this is the right mission trip for their group.

Here are some personal experiences from a couple of the youth ministers who have joined us on mission in Haiti:

“Whether this is your 50th or 1st foreign mission trip, you have got to check out the John Paul II Center Life Teen has set up in Miragoane, Haiti. The Missionaries and the mission base are centered on the Gospels and are bringing teens closer to Christ in Haiti. The YM trip was a great immersion experience to the country as well as Life Teen’s mission there. As youth ministers, we may not often take the time to experience a trip like this for ourselves. This trip is as much a retreat as it is an opportunity to learn about Life Teen foreign missions and build relationships with other YMs and the Life Teen Missionaries. Going on the trip made it very easy to get support from families wanting to go on a mission trip to Haiti. My experience going to Haiti, as well as the relationships I had built with the missionaries there, helped put any concerns the families had about traveling to the country at ease. If you go to Haiti once, you will fall in love with the people there forever. Haiti needs us and we need Haiti. Go on the YM Haiti trip for your own growth as well as the growth of the teens and families whom you have been called to mentor and lead closer to Christ.” – Angie, Life Teen youth minister & Area Contact from Tennessee

“As a youth minister wanting to lead teens on mission, I found it invaluable to go on mission before them. Besides the obvious reasons to go ahead, in order to learn the mission to best prepare my teens for the trip, I also encountered Christ in a new way as I journeyed with other youth ministers on mission. It was a trip that brought me closer to Christ in Haiti so that I could more authentically lead teens closer to Him through the mission. I would highly recommend making the trip so that you can enter into the mission without the distraction of leading others, and just be led by the Holy Spirit yourself first. It will absolutely make the trip more fruitful when you do bring teens back.” – Eileen, Life Teen youth minister & Area Contact from California

After leading youth ministers on this trip, the most common thing I hear from them is, “Wow, I had no idea how much I needed to have my faith set on fire again in order to serve my parish better. I am excited to go home and be with my teens and lead them closer to Christ daily.”

Whether you are praying about leading your teens on mission or you just feel God is calling you out of your comfort zone to be set on fire, we WANT you on this trip! You are what makes youth ministry happen in the day to day, and this experience can guarantee a new zeal for the ministry God has you on. 

Come be a part of community, daily prayer, living the works of mercy, and a week of service to the youth of Haiti.

2015 Youth Minister & Core Mission Trip Details 

When: April 6-11, 2015

Cost: $400 + round trip flight to Haiti **Let us know if cost might be an obstacle for you!

Email Jessica at with any questions or to reserve your spot.

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Kaitlin serves in our Atlanta office as our Product Sales Assistant. Prior to holding this position, she was a missionary for five years with Life Teen. She is currently studying for her Masters in Counseling. She loves Haiti, college football, and family...not necessarily in that order.

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