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Have you ever played the game – what would my life be like if I never found Jesus? All the times that I have it has ended up quite humorous and I usually get pegged as being a pagan hippie in Colorado living in a tree house … But for real, have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you never encountered Jesus?

I don’t even want to imagine my life without Christ because I know it would not even measure up to my life with Christ. I don’t even want to imagine what my life would have been like if I never got that invitation to Edge, if God had never called me to convert, if I had never invited my family into the Church … It goes on and on and on.

There is a ripple effect to even the smallest actions. Something as simple as an invitation to an Edge Night, or even having a middle school youth ministry program, can change the course of someone’s entire life! Do not underestimate the VALUE of what you do as an Edge youth minister. Do not underestimate the VALUE of persistently asking your parish priest to have an Edge program. And do not underestimate the VALUE of having resources, support, and people to journey with you!

Edge is not about just having a program for your middle school youth or something for them to do during the week. It is about transformation. Transformation of their lives, transformation of your life, and transformation of your parish! We want YOU to be a part of this and to see what can happen in someone’s life when you introduce him or her to Christ during the critical middle school years.

We want your youth to encounter Christ now, not later, and we have ALL NEW incredible things coming your way to help you make that happen.

We’ve created an entirely new curriculum for Edge that is firmly rooted in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Each box will contain a planning guide that walks middle school students through the rich tradition and teaching of our faith. We’ve created a new mini-series resource for Edge that allows for highly engaging, change of pace topics for you to use throughout the year.

Each box will include a USB drive that contains beautiful artwork, parent handouts, Edge Night handouts and exclusive digital content. Also, we will be bulking up our digital content online, so you receive new handouts, prayer sheets, gather games, and other support resources each month. Finally, there will still be our newest Life Teen books, CDs, toys and a special surprise for all our parishes that we will fully unveil at the 2016 Catholic Youth Ministry Convention.

Don’t let the game of “what would my life look like if I never encountered Jesus,” become the reality for the youth in your parish. Do not be afraid! Dive in and expect great things from Edge, from yourselves, and from Jesus Christ!


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Amanda Grubbs

Amanda Grubbs is a graduate from Franciscan University with a degree in Theology and Catechetics with a concentration in Youth Ministry. She serves as the Edge Support Coordinator for Life Teen, and is actively involved at her local parish. She is a Colorado native, happily married, and loves all things fall (which is unfortunate when living in the middle of the desert). You can email her at or follower her on Twitter @LT_AmandaG.

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