Don’t Settle for Mediocrity in your Ministry


Good enough.

Let’s settle.

I can’t.

This is the end of the road.

I quit.

These words should not be in our vocabulary as youth ministers. Heck, they shouldn’t be in our daily living vocabulary. If you have used one or more than one of the above words – I’d like to challenge you to excellence. Yes, EXCELLENCE! Because let’s get real, we don’t want or need mediocrity in ministry. Period.

There is a startling trend in our culture to accept and settle for mediocrity. People take jobs they hate, settle in relationships, give up on educational dreams, etc. In youth ministry, we can easily fall into complacency with our programming and outreach. We can choose the “good enough” attitude. We can compare and say comments like well, at least, my ministry is better than that parish down the street. I’m doing more than the other parish ministries. More doesn’t always mean better.

Spoiler alert! We’ve got the greatest, most awesome news in the world to share – and we’re the people God has entrusted to share that news with and to so many teens who desperately needs to hear it. Let’s not settle for a mediocre lifestyle. Excellence awaits us. The way to embrace the highest level of excellence is to refuse to settle. Don’t agree that good enough is good enough, and most of all – ask God where He wants you to go.

“Do not be content to live a mediocre Christian life: walk with determination along the path of holiness.” –Pope Francis


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