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Don’t Forget to Pray This Summer

Summer is an exciting time in youth ministry or at least it has the potential to be. Most programs go into full gear with added retreats, conferences, missions, trips, and other recreational activities.

While summer is a great time for recruitment of new members and relational ministry, it’s easy to find yourself wrapped up with figuring out the logistics of a trip, collecting permissions forms, or planning for the following year. But, we can’t forget to pray!

We need to remember the real effectiveness of our ministry to young people is based on prayer. As youth ministers we must be people of prayer first, not just for our ministries, but also for our spiritual well being and the well being of the young people we are serving. Summer allows amazing opportunities to connect and go deeper.

Here are a few ways to incorporate prayer into your summer:

  1. Witness: Be a living model of faith! At least a part of what this young person admires in you is your faith! If the way you practice your faith is not what it should be, get it together! Your life doesn’t have to become artificially saintly, but your faith should be authentic and sincere.
  2. Intentional Prayer: Young people need spiritual strength. Your prayers for them are important, but don’t forget to pray for yourself also, that you can share why you value and practice your faith. Attend Mass together, go to Reconciliation, Adoration, and pray the rosary together.
  3. Opportune Moments: You might think prayer and ultimate frisbee don’t go together . . . but they do! You can pray before or after games. If you find yourself on a bus, this is a perfect opportunity to teach the young people the rosary, divine mercy chaplet, or other prayers. As you are sitting waiting for parents to arrive, get in a circle and pray together.

Don’t overlook prayer, the young people that we are serving by the grace of God are the living hope of the Church. The formation they receive will guide them in becoming the next leaders in the Church and the world through fulfilling their vocations and striving to become the saints God has created them to be.

Question: How do you incorporate prayer into your schedule this summer?

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