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Dive Deeper with Your Core Team

Growing up I was scared to go on the spinning waterslide into my pool. When I looked at it – I thought it was awesome. I remember many times going up the ladder, trying to sit on the top of the slide, but I just couldn’t get myself to go down.
Eventually, after seeing my family and friends make several successful rides down the slide into the deep water, I finally mustered up enough courage to make it down. It wasn’t the slide that scared me; it was being plunged into the “deep” end of the pool. But, once I did it – I kept going back, and back, and back. It was great. I overcame my fear of sliding into the deep end. Even more, I wanted to go deeper, and I wanted to touch the bottom of the pool. Similar to this is our faith life. We should be going deeper and deeper in our ministry. This is true for our work with teens, but also with our Core Teams.

Here are four suggestions to dive deeper with your core team:

1. Host a yearly Core retreat. This is a time to allow Core members to renew and recharge. It’s a community building experience among your team. You know that messy game stuff you do with the teens, do it with the Core! Allow them to engage, interact and just have fun!
2. Pray. Pray daily for your Core team and expect the Holy Spirit to do some awesome things! Also, incorporate prayer into your core meetings, gatherings, everything you do. Include prayer on your Core meeting agenda. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20
3. The Sacraments. Offer opportunities for the Core Team members outside of the regular Life Night to meet Jesus face to face. Encourage frequent use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, and daily Mass when possible. Meet at the local Adoration chapel for prayer. If daily mass is part of your routine (and it should be!), invite Core to join you – and perhaps go at different times during the week to work around their schedules.
4. Witness. As a youth minister, be passionate about your personal relationship with Christ. Your faith is contagious. Witness to not only the teens, but to your Core Team what it means to be deeply in love with Christ! Maybe have a different Core Member share their faith story at every Core meeting? It helps hone their stories, and gives us all practice.
It is our job to pray and create an environment that fosters spiritual growth. Beyond that, we need to remain open for the Lord to use us however possible in communicating His message of truth and hope and allow Him to be the one that encourages the Core Team to dive deeper!

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