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Spring Calendaring

Are you thinking about your Spring Calendar yet? You should be! Here are two sample spring calendars for new youth ministry programs. Use these as a starting point and adapt to your unique calendar.

Before calendaring, be sure you know when you are meeting. Are you off for Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, or Mother’s Day? How do Ash Wednesday and Easter affect when you meet? Once you know the dates you are meeting, start plugging in Life Nights and moving them around until your calendar is complete.

The formula for a dynamic semester is a Social Life Night, followed by a Life Night Series, followed by another Social Life Night or Issue Life Night. This keeps Life Teen fun, informative, relevant, and most importantly, focused on leading teens closer to Christ.

Sample Calendar #1

Week 1: Off for New Years
Week 2: Illuminate (Social)
Week 3: Alone (Belong Series)
Week 4: Invited (Belong Series)

Week 1: Accepted (Belong Series)
Week 2: Needed (Belong Series)
Week 3: The Elephant on My Chest (Issue)
Week 4: Running Blind (Social)

Week 1: Ashes to Ashes (Lent)
Week 2: The Wound (Rx Series)
Week 3: The Doctor (Rx Series)
Week 4: The Appointment (Rx Series)

Week 1: The Prescription (Rx Series)
Week 2: Work the Work (Merciful Series)
Week 3: Trust (Merciful Series)
Week 4: Alleluia! Alleluia! (Easter)

Week 1: Divine Mercy Life Night (we are currently creating this Life Night)
Week 2: Family Portrait (Issue)
Week 3: Stressed Out (Social)
Week 4: End of Year Life Night (we are currently creating this Life Night)

Sample Calendar #2

Week 1: Off for New Years
Week 2: Lights Out Dodgeball (Social)
Week 3: God or Unicorn? (Question Everything Series)
Week 4: Religion or Freedom? (Question Everything Series)

Week 1: Holy or Hypocrite? (Question Everything Series)
Week 2: Trust or Fear? (Question Everything Series)
Week 3: A Time Such As This (Issue)
Week 4: Lip Sync Battle (Social)

Week 1: Desert-ed (Lent)
Week 2: Misercordia (Merciful Series)
Week 3: Work the Work (Merciful Series)
Week 4: Top of the Morning (St. Patrick)

Week 1: Filled First (Merciful Series)
Week 2: Trust (Merciful Series)
Week 3: Uum (Triduum)
Week 4: Encounter (Presence Series)

Week 1: Belong (Presence Series)
Week 2: Restore (Presence Series)
Week 3: Give (Presence Series)
Week 4: End of Year Life Night (we are currently creating this Life Night)

Other resources to be aware of this spring
Want another Kick-Off Option? Look at Are You Cereal, Get Social, or Back to Basics.

Dead is another great option for Lent

Consider adding a Summit Small Group this Lent in addition to Life Nights.

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