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How to Thank Your Core

You know the drill. It’s May in youth ministry. Your world is spinning and there are not enough hours in the day.

Edge Night schedules are entering your dreams. There is a to-do list on your night stand. Life Teen summer trip permission forms are scattered about your office. Confirmation interviews have ended (praise God). The graduation party invitations are entering your mailbox and every Saturday in June is now booked. Let us not forget that there are final Edge Night and Life Nights to plan complete with an ice cream sundae bar and inflatable bounce houses. May is insane.

In the midst of all that madness, here is your gentle reminder to practice gratitude, my dear youth minster friend.

Your Core Team has not abandoned you and has spent every Sunday with you for the past year. They have endured painfully silent small groups, answered ridiculous questions, prayed, fasted, and attended sporting events of their teens. They have come on weekend retreats and made last minute copies of small group questions for you. These men and women have been with you in the crazy and we must honor their dedication.

Here are five last-minute Core Team gifts to show your gratitude:

1. Go to Target and buy frames from the glorious dollar section in the front of the store. Find a picture of their small group and write a sweet message on the back of the picture. Easy. Cheap. Quick.

2. Get out of your office and go to a coffee shop for 2 hours and write a thoughtful thank you note to each member of your Core Team. Call out their gifts and talents. Pray about what they need to hear and write it down.

3. Go to Target and buy a pack of seeds. (Find a nice flower or something.) They run about $1 a piece. Make them a card and have all of their small group teens sign it with the front of the card that can say, “Thanks for helping us grow in our faith this year.”

4. Ask your parish priest to offer a Mass for the Core Members and invite them to attend.

5. $5 gift cards to local coffee shops or Starbucks and an invitation to get coffee together. What a perfect time to express gratitude, evaluate the year, and invite them back to Core for the next year.

You are doing great. Keep making disciples, working on those to-do lists, and don’t forget to practice gratitude.

“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” –G.K. Chesterton

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