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Halloween Resource Recommendations

Pumpkin Spice is back, so that means questions about Halloween are on their way! Here are some blogs you can point your teens to when they ask, “is it okay to celebrate Halloween?” Or you can read them yourself, and have some answers ready in your back pocket.

Catholic Answers to Your Halloween Questions

Using a Ouija Board!?

HOT Halloween Costumes: Guaranteed to Keep You Warm

Want to do cover Halloween at youth group? Check out the Edge Night, All Hallows Eve, or the new Life Night, Hallows and Muertos, which also covers El Dia de Los Muertos.

The goal of this Life Night is to focus the celebration of Halloween and El Día de los Muertos on remembering, celebrating, and interceding for our deceased loved ones and the communion of saints.

Key Concepts
All Saints and All Souls Days are Catholic celebrations in which we pray for and ask for the prayers of our beloved deceased so that all the faithful attain salvation in Christ Jesus.

Satan and demonic influences are real. It is beneficial to be aware of their disguises and reject them.

The enemy has been defeated by Jesus’ definitive victory over evil on the cross.

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