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God In My Chaos

Can I paint you a picture for a minute? Not one of those fancy, artistic and creative pictures, but the real life chaos that sometimes invades my day. I’m sure you’ve been there. Whether in your personal, ministry or spiritual lives, “those” days happen.

It was a Monday, you know those typical Mondays. I felt dominated by my to-do list, an overwhelming feeling and a lack of time that I could not shake. I had my normal to-do list but for some reason the amount of incoming emails, calls and needs that took priority consumed my entire day. Then traffic was nuts because it was raining for probably the 12th day in a row in Saint Louis. As I walked into the pre-school to grab my oldest, she fell in the playground. In the mix of cleaning up blood and putting Dora band-aids on skinned knees, my keys fell off the ring which led to a 20-minute search for keys. Did I mention it was raining?

The house became a disaster within minutes of entering it. In an attempt to make dinner, unload the dishwasher, and read through the pile of mail, it happened. I reached for something with my baby in a sling and knocked a glass bowl to the ground. It shattered. And for the first time ALL day, I stopped in my tracks.

I hadn’t stood still all day or taken a moment to BE or acknowledge the gift of another day. I shamefully admit that once my feet hit the ground at 5:34 a.m. I never once thought about, thanked, or sat with God. I didn’t give Him a thought in my day.

Do you ever have those days where you think that you can do everything? Maybe you’re like me where sometimes you forget to give your day over to Him. Often I base the success of the day on what I can control and accomplish, not what God was doing. He was doing great things and offering me grace through the chaos. It took a shattered bowl for me to stop and realize it.

My husband cleaned up the glass bowl pieces while I went into the other room feeding the baby a bottle. I quietly sat, closed my eyes, and asked God for forgiveness. There was an overwhelming sense of thankfulness that I could start over, because of how great He loves me. Thank you, Jesus!

I have no idea what your day looks like as you read this. May the fact that you are reading this blog be your “glass bowl” message from the Holy Spirit in your week to wake up and refocus on God. It’s not about what we can do, but instead what He can do through us, even in the most chaotic moments that life brings!


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Katie Gray

Katie Gray serves as Life Teen's Central Region Director. She spent six years leading Life Teen and Edge at a parish in St. Louis and adores a good dance party with her husband and daughters. Her goals each week include getting closer to Heaven, eating chocolate candy without nuts, and spending less than $100 at Target. You can follow her crazy blessed life at LT_katieG.

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