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Fiat: A Life Night on Life Teen’s Annual Theme

“Fiat is not simply a “yes” to God, it is a submission to the great things God wants to do in our lives. It is not laying something down, but it is picking something up. It is creative. It allows God to speak something new into our world. It allows us to bring Christ to others. It brings us on an adventure.”

Do you and your Core Team consider yourselves to be creative? What about your teens? We too often operate out of a limited idea of creativity, failing to recognize every person’s unique ability to reflect the creative power of God. Throughout this year, we are taking time to unpack the power of a creative word we can all speak, “Fiat.”

God has great things in store for you, your Core Team, and your teens this year. Take some time to speak this reality into existence by implementing Fiat: A Life Night on Life Teen’s Annual Theme. This Life Night will provide teens with an opportunity to meditate on Mary’s “yes,” while contemplating their willingness to surrender to the will of the Father.

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