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Advent and Christmas Resources

Looking for Edge and Life Nights for Advent and Christmas!?

Edge Support

Here are two Edge Nights that discuss the Season of Advent:
Praying, Waiting, Anticipating
He’s Here

Here’s an Edge Christmas Social with both games and opportunities to give back:
The Greatest Christmas Social Of All Time

Or maybe bring teens and their families together to do a series that focuses on Mary and the events leading up to Christmas:
Joyful – A Family Series

Life Support

Here is a Life Night that discusses the Season of Advent:
Hopeful Anticipation

Or maybe gather the teens together for an additional small group to prepare for the coming of Christ:
Summit – September 2018

Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day is December 12th, maybe look at incorporating her into your Fall Calendar:
Nuestra Señora

Here are some fun, Christmas Social Life Nights:
The Big White Elephant
Tacky Sweater Party
Las Posadas

Finally, here is an Issue Life Night for the Christmas season that calls us to be welcoming to refugees and the other, recognizing that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were once refugees in Egypt.

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