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A Time Such as This

A Life Night On Scandal and Corruption within the Church

Like many of you, I have struggled in how to respond to the heartbreaking news of clerical sexual abuse and the cover up that followed. As leaders of teens, we must be prepared to step up and guide our younger brothers and sisters in Christ through this darkness. Click here for a Life Night to help.

GOAL: The goal of this Life Night is to discuss scandal and corruption within the Church, while remaining assured of Christ’s victory over evil. The teens will also be encouraged to rise and become the saints the Church of today needs.

KEY CONCEPTS: The clerical sexual abuse scandals and following cover up by those in leadership are inexcusable and can be a challenge to our faith. However, it is not an excuse to lose faith.

Like Esther, we are called to rise into our God-given role “for a time such as this” by praying, fasting, and becoming the leaders and saints the Church of today needs.

Fasting is a powerful weapon against the enemy.

ABOUT THIS LIFE NIGHT: The Gather is a small group discussion that introduces the teens to each other and the theme of the Life Night. The Proclaim discusses scandal and corruption within the Church and how we are called to be the leaders and saints the Church of today needs. The Break is a small group discussion that guides the teens in processing the scandal and helps them make a specific commitment to fasting for the Church this week. The Send is a time of Eucharistic Adoration and prayers of petition for our wounded Church in need of healing.

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