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Are You Tebowing?

Other than illegal hits to the head and questionable calls by referees, the most controversial part of the NFL season is a phenomenon called “Tebowing”. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow openly proclaims his faith in interviews, post game press conferences, in coffee shops or wherever he is. After touchdowns and during particularly tense moments of games he drops to one knee, putting his fist to his forehead in what looks like a power prayer stance that people have given the nick name – “Tebowing”. The reaction to “Tebowing” has been polarizing with some people applauding him and some people openly tweeting and publicly ridiculing Tim Tebow for being so open with his faith. Here is link to a new website of people who are imitating Tim Tebow in his power prayer stance.†

The question I ask is – Are you Tebowing? You see if we are serious about our faith and are not afraid to live it outwardly, we should not be surprised that in some settings we are openly mocked or criticized. It’s one thing to only hang with the people who we think “get it”, and an entirely different thing to openly live our faith in all settings and yes, even encountering resistance for our expressions of faith.

One great thing about our Catholic faith is that there are some built in “Tebowing” poses we can make that show our faith openly. Here is a short list:

  1. Saying Grace before all meals we eat in a public place, no matter who is there or how awkward we feel about doing it.
  2. Carrying a Rosary with us all day long.
  3. Wearing a Crucifix around our neck.
  4. Making a sign of the cross whenever we pass a Catholic Church acknowledging the real presence in the tabernacle inside.
  5. Carrying Holy Water with us for blessing things that we feel called to bless. Like hotel rooms, ill children, a car we are making a trip in and lots of other places we feel like need the blessing.
  6. Wearing a smile and a Catholic T-shirt out publicly on everyday errands.
  7. Praying a Rosary for life outside an abortion clinic.

What are the ways that you openly let others know of your faith?

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