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Be An Advent Companion

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” unless of course you live in the many parts of the world that don’t get snow, it still looks like fall, or summer. Nonetheless it is the time of the year to put on your slippers, whip out the hot cocoa, kick up your feet, blast the Christmas tunes, and have lots of Christmas Social Nights. Right?

Now I am not knocking on all the awesome Christmas Social Nights we have for Life Teen and Edge, but I am challenging you to not phone it in in your last weeks of the semester. Yes please do a fun social night, go ice skating, go to school Christmas choir and band concerts, watch Frozen for the hundred millionth time; but don’t forget to also spend some intentional time being and Advent companion.

What do I mean by this?

Journey with your youth through the weeks of Advent. Have a Life Night or Edge Night that explains all the beauty and richness of this Liturgical Season. Walk them through the meaning and significance of the Advent Wreath and the beauty of the Nativity Scene. Help them to experience the journey to Bethlehem and the incredible significance of the birth of their Savior.

Challenge your teens to come with you to an early morning daily mass before school, or pick a time when you will all go to Confession together.

Do a service project together, whether that is volunteering at your local St. Vincent de Paul Center or wrapping Christmas presents for those in need at your parish.

Give them tools and resources like Life Teen’s Advent Companion to help them enter into the journey of Advent with the Church through the daily readings.

Challenge them to focus less on what they will get for Christmas under the tree and more on who they have received in the manger.

Make this time of year so much more than sleigh bells and Santa. Be the star that shines brightly over the manger of Christ calling your teens to draw near and adore the new born Savior of the world.

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Amanda Grubbs

Amanda Grubbs is a graduate from Franciscan University with a degree in Theology and Catechetics with a concentration in Youth Ministry. She serves as the Edge Support Coordinator for Life Teen, and is actively involved at her local parish. She is a Colorado native, happily married, mother, and loves all things fall (which is unfortunate when living in the middle of the desert). You can email her at or follower her on Twitter @LT_AmandaG.

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