28, Single, and Loving It!

When I was 18, I would never have thought ten years later, I would be 28, single, and loving it! I have absolutely no clue what my vocation is. It could be marriage; God knows I would make beautiful babies! Possibly religious; who’s a better soul mate than Jesus? Or Single life; I do enjoy living alone, and no one complains about my shoe addiction (trust me I am a serious shoe enthusiast!). All three options sound great, but I am completely clueless on which one God is calling me towards.

Sure, I have read blogs that give me hope, and then I see who wrote them, and they are all by wonderful women of God who have figured out their vocation. They have seen the light at the end of the tunnel! But what about us women who are still waiting in the depths of what appears to be a dimly lit and sometimes confusing tunnel?

Well, here’s a blog for all my fellow single ladies! With a power fist in the air, here are three wonderful ways to help love the tunnel God has you in at this point of your life.

Fall in Love

God is love, and we are called to love. There may not be a romantic person to fall in love with currently, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fall in love. Ten years ago I would never have fathomed what God would give me to feel so loved and to give love. God introduced me to a love for the outdoors and travel I never knew I wanted when I was a teen. Currently, my nephew is the young, fiery red head that is teaching me what it’s like to be selfless and give. Do not miss an opportunity to love and receive love simply because all you focus on is romantic love.

Be Open Minded

News Flash! You may not be called to marriage! If all you focus on is marriage and a husband, you may be missing out on a moment or an opportunity God is giving you. Years ago, God called me to start praying and thinking about discerning; he wasn’t even calling me to discern! But that wasn’t my plan, and it frustrated me. Looking back, all he wanted was for me to trust Him and deepen my relationship with Him. Any women until the moment she is married could be called to religious or single life. Stop praying just for marriage, and stop putting the opportunities God could have for you in a box.

Enjoy the Mystery

When I got my first big kid job at 22, people would ask me all the time if I was married or single. The best advice I got was to “Live it up and do not take being single for granted, wishing for the next stage of life to begin.” One day you may be living in a house full of nuns or messy kids, but this stage in your life will NEVER happen again. God doesn’t put us in this waiting game to torture us; He is calling us to have complete faith in Him. We need to stop stressing about what our vocation could be, and start to love the mystery God is revealing to us.

So buy that pair of shoes you have your eye on (you know I will), fall madly in love with Jesus and all the places and relationships He places in your life to show you His love, be open minded about your vocation, and enjoy this time of waiting and being single. Our vocation is a mystery, and this might be scary or frustrating. But if you embrace it, you’ll see God is putting moments in your life right now, to better equip you for what is to come.

About the Author

Mary Seidler

The Eucharist, my nephew, family, climbing, the outdoors, and traveling are the current loves of my life. I am originally from Arizona but fell in love with the PNW in college. My move from AZ to WA is one of many things that prove God has a plan for me and a sense of humor. Expect the unexpected.

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