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The 2 Most Important Lessons When Starting Edge

Whether you’re kicking off another year of Edge or are exploring what it takes to get Edge off the ground at your parish… I have just one thing to say: YeeeHaaww!

The excitement, the anticipation, the preparation, the prayers, the laughter, the tears, the wonder, the awe of bringing middle school youth into a life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ. There’s nothing like it!

I am entering my 9th year of Edge and have just launched Edge at a second parish in my diocese. So, no matter where you are in your journey of all things Edge, I can probably relate to what you’re going through. Here are a couple of things I’ve learned — and often need to be reminded of — when starting Edge:

1. Be Patient

I know you want to put your foot on the gas and have everyone you talk to about Edge catch your passion, excitement, and vision of what epic Catholic middle school ministry can be. Me, too! I’ve learned, though, that starting Edge is like putting a pot of water on the stove, turning the flame on high, and waiting for the boil to begin. At first, it may look like nothing’s ever going to happen. But before you know it, the water’s heating up and boiling over. FLAME ON!

2. Don’t Worry

Are you kidding?!? Nope, I’m serious. Just pray hard, work hard, love a lot, be patient, and don’t worry! Speaking from experience, God the Father is the Great Provider. This is His work. Your “Yes” glorifies Him, and He supplies epic results! In my experience, not only does God answer my prayers, He eavesdrops on my conversations. Just yesterday, I said to our music minister that I’d like to find someone to help with early afternoon set-up for our Monday Edge nights.

Immediately after that, I walked back to my desk, sat down, and opened an email from a new parishioner volunteering to help with set-up following her noontime Holy Hour on Monday’s. Now that’s freaky fast! But if you’re not getting those kind of results, see item #1 above. Again I say, don’t worry!

I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to talk to and work with so many incredibly talented and inspiring folks who labor in the middle school mission field. Whether you’re getting ready for your first Edge night of the year or your first Edge night ever, be patient and don’t worry. There are countless numbers in heaven and on earth cheering you on. I am one of them. Grace & Peace!

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