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What Christmas Means for You

You’ve been ransomed, captive. Your mourning is over. Your slavery has ended. Believe this. Rejoice!

You’ve been freed from bondage. Your shackles have been broken by Another. Your chains to sin are gone. Believe this. Rejoice!

Your broken heart can beat again. Love makes sense again. Your union with your Maker has been redeemed. Believe this. Rejoice!

In this holy season, divinity takes on humanity. And in turn, our humanity is invited into God’s divinity, and we are made His for eternity.

We were His from the beginning, but how easily we were convinced that He was not our greatest good. We sought satisfaction elsewhere. We grasped for fulfillment in others. We looked for infinite love, where only finite love existed.

And all He wanted for us to believe the truth that He was enough all along. But we thought that impossible. How could such a big love even exist? How could there ever be a love so enough that it would satisfy the longings in the deepest parts of our hearts?

So He convinced us that this love existed, by becoming small, by becoming like us, by taking on our experience for Himself. He was desperate for us to know that this love was real, was enough, and was given freely to us, should we be open to receiving it — because He knew that wherever else we sought this love, we’d be left unsatisfied.

The tremendous truth that we are destined for a love that will satisfy the deepest desires and longings of our hearts was too big for us to believe — so it became little. The child Jesus came because, left to ourselves, we were helpless against our battle with sin — but the vastness of His love was too great to know, until it became little, vulnerable, and approachable.

Approach the child Jesus and receive the Love that He has for you. The incredible depths of God’s love have ransomed you, captive. Believe this. Rejoice!

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Leah Murphy

I'm a simple lady and one of my favorite things to do is to laugh really hard. I'm constantly looking for what is true, good, and beautiful in everything around me, especially music. I have an insatiable desire for authenticity in all areas of my life. I'm pursuing heaven on a messy little journey that Jesus is making beautiful, with new mercies every day.