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Wedding Wisdom: What Mary Taught Us at Cana

I'm a girl and I love weddings.

Big surprise, huh? I've spent many of my 22 years dreaming up the most perfect wedding. And since the creation of Pinterest, the harmless dreaming has become a borderline-addictive pinning-spree of dresses, cakes and the world's most adorable flower girl outfits. So, it's only natural, that I fell in love with the story of the Wedding at Cana when I started praying the rosary regularly last year.

This photo may or may not be from Pinterest . . .

I was never a daily rosary person, in fact, praying the rosary was my least favorite way to pray. But once I discovered how much I could learn from praying and meditating on the mysteries, it became one of my favorite prayers.

I started with what I liked (weddings), opened my heart, and the next thing I knew, I had a much deeper understanding of the importance of the Wedding at Cana and Mary's role in my faith grew in leaps and bounds.

They Have No Wine

Mary's first line in this wedding story is, 'They have no wine' (John 2:3). Those four words never seemed that important to me until I put them into context. You see, no one knew who Jesus truly was at the wedding, He hadn't performed any miracles yet, or given any teachings; but Mary took the servant's worries of having no wine to her Son anyway.

Mary didn't need to explain the situation or even ask Jesus to do anything; she just trusted and believed in Him. Those four, simple words were Mary's prayer, 'They have no wine.' She let Jesus know what was wrong, and then left it in His hands. When I have a problem, my prayers usually become a long session of whining, complaining, and worrying. If we live by Mary's example, she teaches us that God only needs us to put our problems in His hands and trust Him.

Do Whatever He Tells You

Mary's second and last line in the story of the Wedding at Cana is, 'Do whatever He tells you' (John 2:5). This might be the best piece of advice anyone can give. Ever. In all of eternity. Period.

Mary lived her whole life following God's will

After Mary told Jesus about the lack of wine, He didn't tell her what He was going to, but she already knew the solution. That's because Mary's entire life was based on doing God's will.

Mary has shown me that what Jesus says is always the answer I am seeking and the solution to every problem I have. When Mary told the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them, she became a perfect mirror of Christ; and she remains one today. You can't look to Mary for guidance without seeing her Son; she wants nothing more than to point us back to Jesus and His will. Because of this, the more I grow in my relationship with Mary, the more I grow in my relationship with Jesus.

A Lesson from Mary

So what began as a girly obsession with weddings, has ended up teaching me just how important Mary is in my life. Her example at the Wedding at Cana showed me how to approach the Lord with complete trust. I've learned how much Mary desires me to follow the will of her Son. Who would have thought all that could come from two short sentences in a simple story?

If you take the time to pray through the mysteries of the rosary, I guarantee you'll find some pretty life changing stuff hiding between the lines. I know I did.

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I joined the Catholic Church in 2006 and have been chasing after sanctity ever since. I've been a nanny for 4 years, which means I can pretty much sing the theme song to every kid show. Also, I really love chewy candy and refuse to eat meat off of a bone.