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Viva Cristo Rey Wallpaper for Phone and Desktop

When Jose Sanchez del Rio saw the oppression his atheist government was inflicting on his people, the 14 year old joined the Cristeros as a flag bearer. In every battle he would carry the mantra “Viva Cristo Rey” (Long Live Christ the King). When the general’s horse had been wounded in battle Jose offered his own. This act of bravery caused him to be captured and tortured for not denying Christ.

Seeing that the teenager was not relenting they cut the bottom of his feet and walked him around the city eventually stabbing him to death. As he lay dying he drew a cross in the dirt and kissed it. Because of the sacrifice of Jose and many other martyrs (including Miguel Pro… also featured in this image) the Church renews her strength the follow Christ into any battle.

Viva Cristo Rey

Design by Ryan McQuade. Click image to download.

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About the Author

Ryan McQuade

First things first, I'm the realest. I love Netflix binging, seasonal lattes, painting, driving with the music too loud, wandering through art galleries (looking for those Jesus paintings... of course), and Goodwill hunting. The best thing in my life though is my relationship with Jesus. He saved me and my life has never been the same since! I'm a graphic designer at Life Teen. Follow me over on Twitter @ LT_RyanM

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