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Friends have been known for making bold, “We should”…; statements like: We should get coffee sometime. We should buy a bar! We should start a band! But there is one phrase that seems to be on everyone’s mind lately… We should start a podcast!

There are a lot of podcasts out there right now. So, even if your big idea for a new podcast falls flat (just like your bar idea), there’s a lot of great content that you can engage with out there. Here are the Top 5 Podcasts every Youth Minister should be listening to right now:

5. The Crunch

Between the cringeworthy rereading of tweets from 5 years ago to Dr. Ethan’s Dating Corner (because there is always that one teen who needs dating advice), Patrick and Ethan talk about what they are going through in the world of evangelization and youth ministry, in a way that makes you yell out loud…ME TOO! Topics covered in this podcast range from current Catholic events to hashing out better techniques for living the Gospel. Patrick and Dr. Ethan might be hurt that they are #5. However, you might stop scrolling to see the other podcasts… So, you are welcome, guys!

4. The Poco a Poco Podcast

Friars sit and pray all day, right? WRONG! The Poco a Poco podcast lets you into the life of the men of this Order. You experience their joys, struggles, and, yes, advice on prayer. It is the closest thing to a Spiritual Direction podcast I have listened to. These men give you a spiritual boost in the arm to inspire you to go deeper in prayer. The series on “Into the Desert” during Lent will provide you with the confidence to get your prayer life going strong again.

*3) DNVR Denver Broncos Podcast. (ok, that’s just me).

3. Catching Foxes

If you’ve ever attended a conference like the Catholic Youth Ministry Convention before, these are the conversations that happen around the pool after the security guards have told you the pool is closed for the 18th time. Luke and Gomer solve the world’s Youth Ministry/Catholic issues in around one hour and fifteen minutes. This discussion over instruction podcast has helped me tremendously with everything going on in the Church and is one I recommend to all my Core Team to help them get into the scary place that is a Youth Minister/Church Workers mind.

2.Clerically Speaking

No, it is not because of Clericalism that they are above the laity mentioned below. Clerically Speaking allows you inside the brain of a priest. Sometimes it is a scary place filled with Professional Wrestling and Video Game references, but for the most part, they speak truth into the little nuances of the faith and are a good reminder that priests are people, too! Not to mention they have some of the best bumpers on the podcast game. (Props to Producer Nick for keeping the show going as Fr. Anthony and Fr. Harrison are taking a breather).

1. Bible in a Year

You probably aren’t surprised that Fr. Mike Schmitz is #1. But other than Morgan Freeman, who would you rather have read the bible to you? The readings and reflections for each of these days will help deepen your love of Scripture and appreciate those hard-to-read books like Leviticus. If you are leading any kind of bible study, this is a must listen to. There is a reason it was number #1 on Apple Podcasts to start 2021.

These podcasts will give you the much-needed perspective that you need to appreciate your priests, develop an authentic prayer life, but, most importantly, minister to the “youths.”

Once you finish listening to those podcasts on 3x speed, here are some honorable mentions that I would suggest!

HM): The Catholic Guy Show

What do you get when an Emmy Winning Host, a Bible Geek, and an Atheist producer chat about the faith? A sore stomach and knowledge that “bears are fast.” Lino and company find a way to not water down the faith but deliver it as we experience it. The games played are also great to adapt to a youth group setting. The podcast contains highlights from the live show on Sirius XM.

HM): Alto/Do Something Beautiful

As the Church teaches complementarity of man and woman, the same goes for podcasts. The Alto Podcast with Leo Gallegos is pretty new in the world of podcasts but is honestly one of my favorites. Leo interviews some amazing Catholic men and provides insights and motivation that help you become a person Pier Giorgio Frassati would want to hang out with.

Do Something Beautiful with Leah Darrow has been empowering women for years, so it was a no-brainer that her podcast would do the same. If you are looking for insight into what being a Catholic woman living out her faith looks like, this is a podcast for you. (Thanks to my wife for the recommendation)

HM): Forte Catholic
#MakeCatholicismFunAgain is what Taylor and co-hosts aim for, and they hit the mark every time. Taylor is a louder, more energetic Fr. Mike Schmitz…These are the conversations you wish you were having with your Catholic friends. From Yelling at God in prayer, paperwork in ministry, and ranking saints, Taylor and company continue to be a constant reassurance that living the Gospel takes work every single day.

HM): Catholic Stuff You Should Know

Because your Franciscan degree didn’t teach you everything. These priests banter their way to a topic that leaves you saying, “Why didn’t I know that before?”. The back catalog of episodes allows you to search seemingly any topic of the faith (sacraments, politics, birds in the bible) for you to get solid answers to wow your teens, parents, co-workers, or other Catholic friends.

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