Biblical Superpowers: Miracles in Acts of the Apostles

One of the reasons I love the book of Acts so much is because of the amazing miracle stories. They aren’t just high drama; many of them are also high comedy.

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Silence is Impossible

The Apostles couldn't explain how Jesus rose from the dead but they still spoke the truth because they experienced His rising in person. I couldn't intellectually or scientifically prove the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist (see CCC 1374) yet I proclaimed it as true because I have experienced what Jesus has done for me through the Eucharist.

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I Hope You Give Everything

We’re in a time where our leaders and beliefs are under a lot of scrutiny. It’s not always a popular thing to stand up for the Gospel these days. However, it wasn’t easy to stand up for the Gospel back in the days of the Early Church, either.

It’s ironic because I think it should have been easier back then. I have to pull out scripture to show people what Jesus said and did. The Apostles just had to say “Guys, don’t you remember two weeks ago on the boat when Jesus said this and that?”

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Saying ‘I Do’ When You Feel Like ‘I Don’t’

Because sometimes the people in the Church will disappoint me. Sometimes the teachings of the Church are hard for me to understand and often they’re unpopular for me to profess. Going to Mass, confessing my sins, choosing virtue . . . these are not things that I always feel like doing.

It’s in these moments that my commitment keeps me faithful.

Think about the early Church. For the Apostles who were closest to Jesus, initially it was probably pretty fun and easy to be His follower – miracles and free food and celebrity status? Um… Score!

But that all went away very quickly in one weekend and then they had a choice to make.

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Is Your Faith Dead or Alive?

Every Sunday morning my routine is the same: wake up, brush my teeth, fix my hair, put on a pretty dress, and head to 8:30AM Mass. But sometimes, when 9:30 rolls around, I realize I've completely missed it all. I missed the Creed, the readings, and even Jesus, Himself, coming down from Heaven onto the altar!

Now, I don't mean that I sometimes press the snooze button so many times that I end up missing Mass. I mean I physically show up, but too often I am still spiritually sleeping throughout the entire Mass.

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