Social Media Privacy Settings

A legitimate concern for parents over social media use is the accessibility that companies and strangers might have to their teens. This is a valid concern, and we’d love to address a few privacy features available on each of the most popular social media platforms among teens.

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Parenting the Digital World

“Do you think we spend too much time on our phones?” we asked them. They agreed immediately. “We think so too. We’re adults, with fully developed brains, pretty well-formed consciences, and years of practice controlling our impulses…but we still struggle not to let these devices consume our lives. It doesn’t seem fair to ask you to try to regulate your technology use when we can’t even do it well ourselves.”

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“Hey, What’s Your Snap?”

For many teens, Snapchat is their primary form of communication. They often prefer it over texting or other social media platforms. Honestly, I don’t blame them. Snap chat offers everything a typical phone offers. You can chat with some, group chat with multiple people, make phone calls, and make video calls with one or multiple people.

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More Than a Like: Social Media and Mental Health

Depending on who you ask, social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends or is the single source of all society’s problems today. So how do we make sense of social media when considering our mental health and the mental health of our families?

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Staying *Fresh* As a Youth Minister

You’re 100 percent who God has designed you to be. Because of the internet, most are used to differences. Sometimes they’re not. In the end, we all want to hear, “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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Images of Faith: Evangelizing on Social Media

On the inside of soaring cathedrals were walls and windows filled with Christian imagery. Scenes from creation, lives of the Saints, and stories of the Gospels danced around visitors as they explored these churches. Even if those Christians couldn’t read the written Word of God, they could still take in the stories around which their faith revolved.

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Social Media app icons

The Detox I Never Thought I Needed

Ironically, one of the most complicated relationships I’ve ever had is my relationship with my phone. You all probably can relate to this same story: the one that involves the itch to scroll Instagram during family dinner or leave snarky Facebook replies late into the night.

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Two women with coffee looking at a computer

How We Interact Online

When asking ourselves what is relevant and what is not, it is best to consider the intention behind posting content.

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#Hashtags for Change

Not every hashtag is one of cultural importance or one of moral quality for that matter, but this blog is meant to highlight a few that are bringing change to a world that desperately needs it. While we cannot go on a mission trip every day, our access to information, and the ability to spread that information, can be incredibly useful in living our faith in this day and age.

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Sharing Jesus on… TikTok

However, with that comes an internal pressure of “is what I’m posting “Catholic” enough?” or maybe on the other end where you ask “is what I’m posting TOO Catholic?” I know from experience that internal conflict is very real and can trigger shame for how much of our faith we share.

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