Evil, Death, and Christ’s Victory: an All Souls’ Day Challenge

Halloween might be a spooky time of year for most, but for Christians it is a time of great joy and rejoicing!

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To Those Without a Father on Father’s Day

Journeying through life without my biological father was incredibly difficult but I was able to find hope in and let God fill that void in a few different ways.

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You Are Going to Die… and Other Thoughts from 35,000 Feet in the Sky

Why are you afraid of dying? I needed to dig heavy into that question. I didn’t like the answer, but it was something I needed to hear.

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“My Body, My Choice”: A Logical Breakdown of this Pro-Choice Argument

On the pro-choice side of the argument, I’ve often heard the statement, “If it’s my body, then it’s my choice.”

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Can Non-Catholics Go to Heaven?

As Catholics, we believe that those who die in God’s grace and friendship, those who chose to accept salvation, will reach heaven.

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To the Cross I Run

His Cross: that ugly, undeserved, bloody, brutal Cross. THAT is the avenue in which He chose to redeem us. That is the avenue in which we are called to meditate and imitate.

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St. John Paul II Taught Me How to Die

I met a man with Parkinson’s’ Disease last week. He lay sunken into his hospital bed, face blank as he watched the tiny television screen in the corner. Slowly, he was helped to his feet. His hands shook, as is expected in patients with Parkinson’s. As he walked, his foot […]

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The Day I Cried at the Farmer’s Market

At the end of the day, it’s not up to me to make the right “political” choice in that moment when I’m faced with a brother or sister who is hurting… it’s up to me to help protect life… and to love.

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Hell: Catholic Cheat Sheet

Hell is not a punishment that God inflicts on bad people. Rather, it is an eternal, voluntary choice that can be made if a sinner wants to reject God’s forgiving, merciful love.

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Purgatory: Catholic Cheat Sheet

Purgatory is a temporary state of purification where souls (after they have died) have the effects of their sins cleansed before they are able to enter heaven.

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