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Steubenville Throwback Playlist: Summer 2016

If your Steubenville Conference weekend feels like a distant memory…

If you’ve been struggling to pray…

If you need to be inspired and encouraged in your faith…

We made this playlist for you.

We know all too well that when the reality of daily life sets in, it can be really tough to have a powerful moment of connection and encounter with God. Sometimes it can feel so easy to connect with Him when you’re away on a retreat or conference weekend, but when you’re home it can feel almost impossible.

Don’t give up. Don’t stop trying. Prayer is a skill and just like anything else it takes practice and patience. Hopefully this music will help. Music can be a powerful way to turn your heart and mind back to God, and speak truth over the difficult things in your life.

Our prayer for you is that as you listen to, and pray with these songs you probably heard at a Steubenville Conference, you will be reminded of who God is and what good things He’s done in your life. God hasn’t changed and He wants to pour His love out on you, and shine His light into your life… and some days, that happens through the window into our souls that music can be.

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Editor’s Note: We want to be sure you know that Life Teen has no control over any ads that you hear while listening to this playlist on a free Spotify account. Also, just because a song is included on the playlist, that does not imply that we endorse or support everything about the artist and/or their music.

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