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#ShareJesus: A Social Media Challenge for Lent

So what’s it going to be this year? Chocolate? Coffee? Twitter? Hopefully you’re giving up something good this year for Lent. Maybe it’s creative, or maybe it’s the thing you give up every year. Lent is a time of removing distractions as we clear out space in our lives and hearts for Jesus.

I want to invite you to participate in something really big. We’ve all seen the Facebook statuses, tweets, and Instagram posts of people who avoid social media during Lent. But what if we did the opposite this Lent? Instead of being silent online, what if our faith spoke a little bit louder this Lent?

#ShareJesus is an exciting social media project that’s launching this Lent. From Ash Wednesday (February 18) through the rest of Lent, we’re going to share a short video each day about Jesus. These videos will be based on the Sunday Gospels throughout Lent, and they feature over 20 top Catholic presenters (including Fr. Leo Patalinghug, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Sarah Swafford, Paul George, Ennie Hickman, Leah Darrow, Bob Lesnefsky, Mary Bielski, and Mark Hart).

Every day we’ll send you a 2-3 minute video inviting us to look at the question of who Jesus really is. These videos are designed to help spark a discussion on social media. You’re invited to be part of #ShareJesus this Lent, and it’s really simple to sign up. Go to www.redeemedonline.com to enter your name and email address.

Be part of the #ShareJesus project as we seek to bring Jesus to the forefront of the online conversation. This is a chance for us, as a Church, to remind the culture that Jesus Christ is the joy, the hope, and the peace that we’re all looking for.

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