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Ready or Not, Here He Comes: Advice for the Last Week of Advent

When I was growing up, I was constantly asked, “Kelly, are you ready?”

“Kelly, are you ready to take the math test?”
“Kelly, are you ready for your soccer game?”
“Kelly, are you ready to party?”
“Kelly, are you ready to go to Mass?”
“Kelly, are you ready to punch Monday in the face?”
“Kelly, “are you ready?”
“Kelly! Are you ready!!”

And so many times… ready or not, I had to be prepared to face what was ahead.

Advent is a time to “get ready” for the celebration of the birth of Christ. If you’re like me, the past few weeks of Advent have been a challenge. I’ve been running around crazy! And I know this is a busy time for everyone with school, family, etc. But, I can honestly say, Advent is a rewarding challenge to meet.

3 Ways to Conquer the Last Week of Advent

1. Kiss the Floor

Do it when you wake up. Seriously. Even if it sounds gross, kiss the floor and thank God for another day. Another day is another opportunity to say yes to God and His will for us. Falling down and getting up is part of that daily battle, but we have to have humble hearts and acknowledge that we can’t do it alone. Thank God for the gift of your life, your family, and ask God that you may give glory to Him in all you do.

2. Don’t say: Later!

I’ll pray when I’m finished studying or after practice. This never works. We get tired, we respond to text messages and, before you know it, we’re asleep. St. Paul says, “Pray without ceasing.” Pray now!

3. Run faster to Mass

As I was recently running (SPRINTING) into daily Mass, this elderly lady outside the chapel said, “Run faster.” Catching my breath, I sat down and I thought about her comment. She wasn’t trying to give me tips on improving my speed, she was telling me to run faster to Christ.

During this last week of Advent, make it a priority to get to daily Mass. If that means waking up before school, then wake up before school. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Ready or not, Jesus is coming. Let’s prepare our hearts for a most epic feast and be prepared to say to God, “I’m ready.”

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