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Boredom Prayers

The thing about our faith is that it is ever-changing and always evolving — that includes our prayer life, too. Sometimes it is in these prayer ruts that we are able to discover new ways to pray and deepen our relationship with God. And sometimes where we find Him is in the most boring, mundane moments in our lives.

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The End of “Should”

Even though these are obligations we partake in, these moments we get to spend with the Lord are meant to lead us to find true happiness and freedom in the one who gave his life for us — not because we should, but because He is who He is.

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Praise and Worship

What Taking God’s Name in Vain Really Means

Jesus might be the answer to our problems and worries, but invoking the name of our Lord as a way to defend sinful actions, or even avoid responsibility for them all together, is never the right response.

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Jesus and a man praying

What it’s Like Playing Jesus: an Interview With Jonathan Roumie

Roumie shows us a tender, funny, and personal side to Christ, offering a performance that enriches prayer and invites the audience to know the person of Jesus in a new and intimate way. He has led live streams praying the Divine Mercy chaplet throughout quarantine and is not shy about sharing his love for Christ with audiences of any belief system. So we wanted to dig a little deeper into what it’s like to portray the God of the Universe, and how Roumie’s faith influenced his role on “The Chosen.”

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Survival in the Digital Age

Flash forward to 2020 and all I want to do is throw my cell phone in the trash, my computer out the window, and connect in person with all of my best friends.

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Making Your at-Home Prayer Space

We as a Church know the importance of creating beautiful spaces in which to meet God. But, in this season, many of us are not able to worship in the spaces of our home parishes, and even praying privately in those spaces might look rather different. Making a space to pray at home then becomes all the more important.

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God in the Uprising

Overcome by anger, I turned to Jesus, who also experienced anger. When Jesus turned the tables at the temple (Mark 11:15-17), he did so because the people who were trying to encounter God there were being excluded; they were being taken advantage of and mistreated.

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Is Organized Religion Really Terrible?

I might not be able to fully satisfy every question you have regarding organized religion, but my hope is that you might start to better understand (and maybe even begin to love) organized religion, particularly, as it exists in the Catholic Church.

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Compassion… with Emotional Boundaries

Empathy is a good thing; God gave us this gift so that we would be better able to care for one another with compassionate hearts. But, unchecked empathy — the kind that takes on someone else’s tragedy as your own and causes the spiraling — can actually be pretty harmful.

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Jesus in me… the Sinner

Yes, my sin makes me unworthy of eternal life, but His redemption has made me worthy and He invites me into this reality every single day. We don’t expect to encounter Jesus in our sin because He is all good and calls us out of our sin, but He doesn’t call us out of it on our own.

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