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Kicking Boredom in the Face

To keep you from having in-depth emotional conversations with the inanimate objects in your house here are a few fun suggestions to keep the boredom at bay…

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two woman at the beach

Step Up Your Friend Game

Put on some classical music, light some candles, and throw a towel over your arm! Create an atmosphere of the utmost class to serve fine cuisine of grilled cheeses or peanut butter & jellies. Dazzle your guests away with some sparkling cider and it will be a sure crowd-pleaser.

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a person washing a cup

When Work Becomes Worship

From scrubbing dirty dishes to refilling cups of lemonade at least a hundred times during dinner, it was God’s grace alone that proved to be far greater than any glory or attention I thought I needed from my peers.

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psalm 139 and bible

Praying with Scripture for Beginners

Scripture exists for us to know Jesus personally. That’s the purpose of prayer, as well. When we take Scripture to prayer, we should read it one story at a time, entering into that story and letting our own lives reflect it.

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teens praying

Returning to the Sacraments

Even I must admit, the introvert in me enjoyed attending Mass in sweats and in the comfort of my own home. Although I am healthy and able, it is tempting to continue to celebrate Mass digitally, with a coffee in hand. However, there are certain aspects of our faith that can only be filled by being physically present to receive the sacraments.

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Jesus painting

Jesus, a Nice Guy?

His love is not an act of kindness or obligation – but a personal testimony to your fulfillment. He desires that you live life fully alive and He offers you the freedom to embrace that in His love, not in His nice-ness.

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How the world should change after COVID-19

While this phenomenon has proved itself devastating and confusing, we cannot forget the ways in which this time has served as an opportunity for stillness and growth, allowing space for the Holy Spirit to actively move in our lives. And maybe, by reflecting on everything we’ve learned, we can better understand the need for our faith and hope outside of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Case for a Mediocre Life

The best life we can ever live is a life that leads us and those we love to Heaven, to rejoice with our Creator, and be in awe of His presence. Christ had no expectation of grandeur when He became human for our salvation, all He hoped for was to teach us how to love one another and to bring us home with Him and the Father.

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two woman hugging

How to Say “I’m Not OK”

Jesus showed us the grace in having help in our suffering even as Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry his cross even to his death. Sharing our burdens with those we trust helps lighten the load of our crosses and means we are letting God work through those around us.

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protest sign

Taking Steps Toward Anti-Racism

Anti-racism is defined as the policy or practice of opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance. If this sounds like something that should have always been happening, that’s because it should have. But it hasn’t. And the Church and her members have failed to be the prominent voice in this work.

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