praise and worship

Finding Faith in the Summer

During these times, it can be difficult for us to maintain our prayer life and overall faith. I know many people, including myself, struggle in being consistent with prayers during quarantine.

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Woman putting up a peace sign

What is Privilege and What do we do About it?

Privilege does not mean that you didn’t work hard in your life to achieve your goals; privilege just means that your demographic factors did not make those goals harder to achieve.

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inside of a church

Discipleship: Consistency is Key

One of my favorite things about Jesus is His consistency. His character is never in question. He lives His whole life following after the Father, there is no question of His faithfulness.

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praying man at dusk

Learning to Lament

If you have, or currently have these questions in your mind and heart, where life right now feels quite overwhelming and nothing makes sense, please know that your questioning is valid and even has a name. Dear reader, you have been lamenting. Lamentation is also a form of prayer, often referred to as a prayer for help that comes from a place of deep suffering and pain.

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A Call to Shine in Holiness, Not Greatness

I now understand that this was an invitation to grow in holiness and a call to shine alongside Him. Disciplining me so that I can mature in spirit and truth, God permitted that I experience conflict and pain so that I may learn to love in times of difficulty and difference, not just when it is easy and convenient. After all, I cannot evangelize what I despise.

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ice cream scoop

The Ordinariness of Sainthood

Through their courage and docility, they changed the world one small yes at a time. That’s the beauty of this Love: it meets us exactly where we are and only asks us to take one more step. Jesus provides the grace – we only have to participate.

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woman and man eating ice cream

25 Ways to Keep Dating Simple

Here are just a few tips that might help you keep dating a little less complex and a little more simple…

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church pews

Religious… but not Spiritual

We have the best of both worlds! As Catholic Christians, we can imagine ourselves at the intersection of the Religious and Spiritual. That is, we hold that it is possible (and if fact necessary) to grow in a personal, intimate relationship with the Divine and that each person embarks on their own quest to wholeness (for the betterment of themselves and others) but that one can only find the fullness of Truth within the folds of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church.

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a masked woman

Did God cause COVID-19?

People are continuing to die, lose their jobs, have their normal routines disrupted, be kept separate from their loved ones that are most vulnerable, and miss out on significant life events, like graduations. As a result, it isn’t surprising to learn that many are wondering where God is at in all of this or asking why God is letting something so destructive have such a strong hold on our world.

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a man and three children

Black Elk: Medicine Man, Catechist, Saint?

The five days I spent on the reservation impacted my life in many ways, and while I would like to share all about my trip, I am going to focus on the most significant experience: being introduced to Black Elk.

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