Tough Love: a Catholic Response to Sin

The more I see that He suffered, the more clearly I see how much He loves humanity. It is a solemn reminder that love is rarely easy — it can be tough and even ugly.

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The Book You Should Read Right Now!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.” -George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons Have you ever read a story or finished a movie only to be wanting for more of the narrative? Have you ever felt so moved or […]

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When Leaders Fail

It seems like lately, in both Church and State, the people in charge have failed us — and, in many cases, hurt us — in big, awful, terrible ways. That leaves the rest of us in a bit of a mess.

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Radical Authenticity in a Filtered World

We have all heard the saying, “be yourself” over and over again. From elementary school all the way through high school, we have heard our teachers and peers say, “Don’t be afraid to show who you really are!” Despite this, most of us feel like we can’t be ourselves, that […]

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3 Statements Every Relationship Needs

I have learned that relationships require good communication, respect, sacrifice, understanding, and commitment. I have also learned that embracing the following three statements are necessary for all relationships…

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The Holy Spirit Speaks Every Language

The truth is, there is a tension that non-native-English-speakers in this country face: If we don’t speak English at all, we struggle to communicate and understand. If we learn just enough to get by day-to-day living, we are told it is not enough.

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Things That Aren’t Helping Your Mental Health

God created us body, mind, and soul and we can’t forget that He calls us to take care of our minds as well as our bodies and souls. So, what does good mental health look like?

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Church is More Than Sunday Mass

“What’s the point?” That was the question I found myself asking during Mass one Sunday. I doubt it was the first time I had asked this question. I’m sure I challenged my parents with it most Sundays when they would drag me to church as a kid. But this time […]

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Play this game of over/under and we’ll tell you your ideal prayer style!

God likes to speak to us in unique ways and, while there are essential ways to pray as Catholics, we can each take on a unique prayer style. Find out yours by telling us what you think is overrated and underrated!

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Forgive, Even if you Don’t Forget

It is easy to hate — far easier than it is to forgive again. And even though choosing to forgive can be more painful, it is far more rewarding. When you utter the choice, then, that “I forgive you,” it isn’t over once and done. You say “forgive” because you keep on doing it.

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