Things I Wish I Knew…

Since most youth ministers probably don’t have time to write a book (us included), we would like to grace you with a blog full of things we wish someone had told us years ago. What’s the phrase? “Do as we say, not as we do,” or in this case, “not as we have already done.”

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Into the Light: Making the Summer Count

I believe we need spiritual safety glasses for our lives and ministries this summer. As things continue to open up and return to varying degrees of normalcy, many of us will be wrestling with the messy reality of moving back “into the light” after spending many months shrouded by the darkness of a global pandemic.

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Helping Teens Through Heartbreak

This is the reality of the world. Teenagers are experiencing things way earlier than previous generations. Most teenagers will experience some romantic heartbreak in High School. So how do we help them? Below are practicals to keep in mind when helping a teenager deal with heartbreak.

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Two wedding rings on top of scripture

Married In Ministry

All those who work in youth ministry and who are married know this – behind every great, passionate, enthusiastic, and strong-willed youth minister, there is an even stronger, humble, patient, and compassionate spouse. Well, let’s correct that right off the bat, not standing behind, but walking beside.

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Arizona sunset

Love in the Desert

The desert has always been a place of death and life. Perhaps this is why it figures so prominently into the narrative of God and humanity. God leads people into a harsh wilderness to wander, but not without purpose. In the wilderness, God and the people build a relationship.

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two girls on a swing set

Journeying with Reluctant Teenagers

Today, I’m a living testament to God’s sense of humor. You can’t tell me that God doesn’t have a sense of humor by taking me, one of the most reluctant teenagers, and calling me to become a Youth Minister.

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Paperback books

The 10 Books You Should Read (or Recommend) this Summer!

If you were to exercise one new habit this summer, I’d HIGHLY suggest the habit of reading. With all the chaos in our world today, the gift of reading can be a source of refreshment you didn’t even know was an option.

In honor of dropping this fact nugget on you, here is a list of some highly recommended books — covering a wide range of fiction, nonfiction, and Catholic titles — for both you and the teens you serve.

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Statue of Mary

Mary, Ever-Virgin?

Mary remains a sign of the Church as a spiritual mother to us as Christ’s family as Jesus is her only son. (CCC 507). Mary is more than a vessel, but herself a sign to all of us.

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