Friends Outside the Bubble

As leaders in ministry, we need to have a diversity of friends. Instead of surrounding ourselves only with fellow youth ministers, it is important to reach out and create friendships with those of different occupations.

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Today I am Grateful book

2020: Finding Gratitude in the Small Matters

At the moment, 2020 has felt long. It has felt arduous and unfair. It’s been uncomfortable and I’ve been tempted repeatedly to go mad by this plaguing question of “why?” It’s such a tempting question… After all, it holds the promise of fulfilling or, rather, filling our hearts with something we all desire: answers.

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advent holiday candles

COVID Christmas: Helping Teens Navigate the 2020 Holiday Season

With all of the difficulties this year has brought, it is fitting that 2020 throws us one last challenge of accompanying our teens through a tough holiday season. Let’s use all we have learned this past year to compassionately and creatively share Christ’s light and love with our teens this Advent and Christmas – socially distanced, of course!

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Men praying

Inviting Teens Deeper

The beauty of discipleship is that the more you work, the more workers you create. As teens become disciples, they will be able to make their friends disciples.

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Masked woman

Bring it On, New Normal: Relational Ministry is Here to Stay

During the peak of the pandemic, with a mask on as her main weapon against COVID-19, Trish Vega would brave the streets of New York, walking from West to East Village once a week, just to check on me and teach me the four habits of discipleship.

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Two women with coffee looking at a computer

How We Interact Online

When asking ourselves what is relevant and what is not, it is best to consider the intention behind posting content.

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Rediscovering the Beauty of Spiritual Communion

When churches closed, I couldn’t help but be frustrated that these “unprecedented times” seemed to have won. Watching Mass was not the same as attending Mass, and yet, even though I knew that this was the best we were going to get, I felt so disconnected from our Lord.

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Woman smiling

Friends or Ministry?

When working in ministry, it can be easy to confuse authentic friendships with those we are ministering with or to. While Christ calls us to love others, He doesn’t call us to be best friends with everyone we encounter. So what does an authentic Christ-centered friendship look like then?

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person praying at sunset

Maintaining Peace in the Midst of a Pandemic

After beginning this journey with interior peace, I realized I wasn’t stepping back and quieting the human voices in my life long enough to actually listen to God, Himself.

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woman praying for a man

Steps to Take When You’re Trying to Serve Through Grief

When it hits you, grief seems to have a way of totally consuming you. Perhaps it is grief over the loss of a friend or family member, perhaps you are doing poorly in school, or perhaps you’ve experienced a break up. Regardless of what it is I hope you know […]

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