Why Heaven is Ultimate #Goals

I know some people would rather not believe in “mystical things” mainly because of fear, self-doubt of unworthiness, or simply because they are too busy with “reality.” But the fact remains that we were made for heaven.

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Why Being Alone Matters

God bestowed you with a wide range of emotions. Despite what a good chunk of popular culture today might suggest, it simply isn’t human to avoid the feelings that aren’t so great all the time.

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Men of God, You Are Loved.

Sure, striving to be better, that’s part of it. But the other part is never forgetting that you and I — just as we are — are also enough.

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I’m Hispanic… but I Don’t Speak Spanish

I often felt I didn’t fit in a cultural box. I wasn’t Hispanic enough, and I wasn’t American enough. This was especially difficult with my family.

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Find YOUR Saint

You can learn a lot about people by stalking their social media or asking their friends about them, but you can’t actually get to know someone until you spend time with him or her. The saints are no different — they’re not people to be observed from afar, but holy pals we can actually have a relationship with.

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Welcome to “Trench” — an Album Review

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Twenty One Pilots is back. After the massive success of their 2015 album Blurryface, TOP just dropped Trench.

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Learning I Was Made for Love

In high school, my desire for “love” was driven by a desire to feel whole, to feel a completeness that I believed stemmed from being in a romantic relationship. Since then, I’ve learned that the desire for wholeness is a desire for God, a desire that only He can satisfy.

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How to Prepare for the Confession of a Lifetime

It is truly in the preparation that we set ourselves up for a fruitful confession. So, how do we ensure the confession of a lifetime? We continue to pursue it for a lifetime.

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When You Can’t Get Over Him…

It’s not necessarily the relationship or lack thereof, but the aftermath that can send us into a spiral of questions, doubts, and terrible feelings and emotions that don’t help us get over him.

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All I do is Win

In life, we will come across many “losses,” and we have to know what to do and how to react to certain situations. When life hands us “wins” it’s pretty easy to praise God and fall on our knees quickly to give thanks.

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