I Love Thanksgiving

The slight drawback to going to Thanksgiving Mass is that we end up missing the majority of the Macy’s Day Parade (but free, amazing bread… plus Jesus… so the ‘sacrifice’ is nominal).

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Problem-Solving 101

In reality, most people don’t have a clear plan on how to deal with conflict and drama. Despite this, Christ is calling us to tackle our problems with Him in mind. So what does this look like?

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Sanctified Passion

Being a man isn’t just about abstaining from bad things, it’s about intentionally acting for the good. It is about coming to know your passions, joys, sorrows, fears, weaknesses, and strengths then integrating them into serving God, women, and other men.

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A Time for Good Samaritans

Christian love can manifest in many different ways, but, right now, it would seem that at least one of them should be to put trivial differences aside, put our indifference aside, and stand unwaveringly beside our Jewish neighbors against violence and anti-Semitism.

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If I had $1 Million…

“If you were given $1 million, what would you do with it?” “I would give $750,000 of the money to the Life Teen Haiti Mission Base.” When I shared my answer to the rest of my youth group, most people were a little shocked and confused on why I would […]

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10 Things Humility is Not

People often think of humility as loving one’s self less, but in a sense, it’s learning how to love yourself and others more perfectly.

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Relentless Love in Ordinary Life

So often we can be tempted to wait for the future or wish away the present moment, but that’s where the Father is. He is with us here and now, loving us, drawing us into Himself.

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“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” …a Series not Worth Watching

I consider myself a pretty open-minded person and I do not like the idea of blacklisting particular pieces of mainstream media, but this situation, in particular, is one that I can’t — and I would say you — should not be indifferent to.

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18 Things to do Before the End of 2018

With the sweater weather kicking in, and classes back in full swing, 2019 is creeping in fast. You may be wondering how to make the most of life before 2018 ends.

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The Harshest Thing You’ll Hear in Confession

Let’s think about the weight of these words for a moment. When the priest absolves you, God is also saying, “I love you, I have always loved you.” “You are mine. I delight in you. I have not left you an orphan.” “I am not ashamed of you, afraid of you, or disgusted with you.”

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