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Spending Time Outside Ministry

While serving in ministry, it is essential that we keep our spiritual cup filled through various means. That includes partaking in the sacraments such as the Eucharist and Reconciliation, setting aside personal time for prayer, and even coming together with our community to pray and give praise to Him. Regardless of the amount of time, energy, and effort we put into building God’s kingdom, we must also take a step into the secular world and spend some time outside of ministry.

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The Lie of Self-Reliance

I can do it on my own…I don’t need anyone…I can’t trust anyone…I can only trust myself. Have you ever said anything like this? Or, have you ever believed that you could make it through this life on your own? We live in a time where being independent, totally independent, is a sought-after quality.

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For several weeks you get to live in the beautiful North Georgia mountains or the amazing Hill Country of Texas, where music around campfires, surrounded by nature, and amazing Chaco tans are the norm. But that’s not why this has the potential to be one of the best summers ever.

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Not the Same Lent: Four Ways to Engage Teenagers in the Lenten Season

We take for granted the gap between curiosity about these unique practices and understanding them, let alone incorporating them into our spirituality. For teenagers – especially this year – Lent is an important season.

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Failure to Communicate: The Biggest Reason Teens Aren’t Listening to Your Teachings

When we stand up to communicate to a group of teenagers (or anyone, for that matter), we need to understand two things: context and content. The context is the state of the audience receiving the message.

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The Detox I Never Thought I Needed

Ironically, one of the most complicated relationships I’ve ever had is my relationship with my phone. You all probably can relate to this same story: the one that involves the itch to scroll Instagram during family dinner or leave snarky Facebook replies late into the night.

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The Struggle is Real: Helping Teens with Mental Health

You’ve probably had a teenager who has wrestled with this, and a significant part of your youth group likely experiences some kind of mental health issue. So how can you help? The good news is that as a Youth Minister and someone walking with teens in the faith, Christ gives us real tools to help teens actively struggling with mental health.

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Why You Can’t Form Community

We need community, and the good news is you are already part of a few, now get to work in transforming them from something where you are just a frequent shopper number into a place where you are sustained and supported.

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Praise and Worship

The Difference Between My Ministry and My Faith

Doing ministry day in and day out is awesome and an incredible privilege, but nothing, including youth ministry, can replace your personal relationship with Jesus.

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Creativity in Prayer

We all have taken on a ‘do whatever it takes’ mentality in ministry over these challenging and uncertain months. But, as we have all taken on new responsibilities, new roles, and navigated through these rough waters, we recognize that some areas of our own lives may need that same attention and creativity.

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