The Body of Christ and Your Responsibility

How often do you take the people that you sit next to at Mass for granted? Not quite sure what I mean? Picture this: you wake up on Sunday morning, and end up feeling extremely tired. You want to go back to sleep, but your family is going to Mass. […]

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Living Your Faith in the Everyday

There are certainly instances when you should tell people about Christ — about His sacrifice on the cross and unceasing love for us. However, what should you do in those moments when this isn’t the most ideal way to share the Gospel?

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Know Thyself

If you’re like me and you often find yourself wishing for a different sort of personality, with different strengths and weaknesses, don’t! Your Father wouldn’t have you any other way.

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Another Year, Another Advent

I have learned that the experience is made all the more special if I really begin preparing for Christmas during the season of Advent. After all, that’s what Advent is all about!

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Catholic Companies to Support this Christmas

What if you considered not only how they are a gift to the person you are giving them to, but how they are a gift to the seller – the person behind creating those gifts?

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Broken Cycles: The 5 Lessons I Learned from “The Hate U Give”

I just encountered art as art should be: creative expression that changes hearts, challenges minds and social realities, is timely and thought-provoking… and, ultimately, really, really well-made.

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Why Dealing With Your Stress Matters

Remember, Christ calls us to live “life to the fullest,” with Him at the center–not stress. So if you feel like a lion’s chasing you, if you’re overworked and overburdened, here’s what to do about it.

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You Don’t Have to Shop: Black Friday Alternatives

Soon it’ll be that time of year again! Hobby Lobby will look like the inside of Santa’s bag exploded everywhere, and people across the country will be laying belly up on the sofa in a food coma from all the Thanksgiving noms. via GIPHY For most Americans, the festivities will […]

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I Love Thanksgiving

The slight drawback to going to Thanksgiving Mass is that we end up missing the majority of the Macy’s Day Parade (but free, amazing bread… plus Jesus… so the ‘sacrifice’ is nominal).

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Problem-Solving 101

In reality, most people don’t have a clear plan on how to deal with conflict and drama. Despite this, Christ is calling us to tackle our problems with Him in mind. So what does this look like?

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