woman drinking tea

Peace During COVID-19

If you’re scared, uncertain, overwhelmed, concerned, any or all of the things, at different times, or all of them at once — hi, welcome to the human experience, it’s good to have you here.

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Catholic During COVID-19

Loving God and loving neighbor will look a little different during this season than it has in the past. It’ll involve a lot more social distancing and a lot fewer liturgical gatherings. But just because it will look different doesn’t mean the commandment has changed.

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Is Evangelization About More Than Conversion?

When we hear the word “evangelization,” it can be tempting to jump immediately to the topic of conversion. We might assume that to evangelize someone means to convert them to Catholicism, perhaps even to “score” them for the Catholic Church. But, the process of evangelization is more complex than that.

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Not Irish on St. Paddy’s Day

This is what I find most inspiring about Patrick: he returned to the land of his captivity, to the very people who mistreated him. But instead of holding a grudge or seeking vengeance, he showed them love and mercy.

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crying woman

When Friends “Break Up”

When I lost my friend, I lost the one person I could text at any time; even if I didn’t know what to say, we would start a conversation. I lost the one who understood when I was sad but would also make me smile, and I missed the way we could communicate with just a look.

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Woman opening her bible

5 Underrated Women in the Bible

While Mary is certainly the pinnacle of women who have helped to achieve God’s plan (I mean, Mother of God, you can’t get a better title than that), there are many other biblical women who were strong, brave, and courageous in giving their own “yes” to God.

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Don’t Just Give Up Soda

So, with Lent here, in full effect, remember not to just mindlessly give up something like soda this fasting season. Instead, take the time to internalize the sacrifice you’ve made and try to reflect on the sufferings of Jesus during this time.

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four leaf clover

St. Patrick Wasn’t Even Irish

If you are a fan of busting myths, then this post is for you. I’ve taken the liberty of debunking myths about five of your favorite saints. Don’t feel too sorry that these holy men and women are having some of their biggest secrets unveiled. They are probably having a laugh about it together in heaven!

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People watching the sun set

Stop Running from the Darkness

What if there was something, like my experience of a blackout in San Diego all of those years ago, that can flip our understanding of darkness? That it would give us a new way to look at the darkness so that we could face it head-on, to be still, be quiet in it, and embrace it as an opportunity to see and welcome the light of Jesus that exists in it?

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