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How to Invite Your Friends to Youth Group… Without Being Weird

I don’t know about you but youth group is the place where I run wild. The joy, laughter, and knowledge that comes with going to youth group is something everyone should be a part of. Sometimes though, it can be extremely challenging to reach out to a friend and invite them to youth group without feeling weird or forceful. Soooooooooo here are some ways to invite your new companion to youth group… without being weird.

It is as easy as that. Talk to your pals about youth group and make the main focus a place for community. Sit down with your soon-to-be-youth-group-companion, have a deep conversation, and with kindness in your eyes say:

During this interaction, sometimes the response is not what you expect and it can be a little awkward. It’s ok to make this face:

…and begin to question their reasoning.

The most common excuse I have gotten in my years of pestering fellow classmates and friends is that they are too busy.

NEVER EVER accept this excuse! Homework is not as important as JESUS and building a COMMUNITY. I vote that you make this face if they try and make that excuse just to make them uncomfortable and worried. The youth tend to take the easy way out and stepping into an unknown place with wild teens like youth group can be challenging but remind them that you are there and will be there.

Make youth group seem interesting and something everyone should be a part of, don’t be afraid to get excited and express the joy from youth group! Have them keep asking questions to spark a curiosity and answer them to the best of your ability with stories of your own personal experience.

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Once their interest is piqued about the community in youth group, get into the good juicy things: the Glory Stories or the Jesus Time. Share your glory stories to help them get a better idea of the spiritual strength that comes out through youth group experiences. This tends to be the turning point in most conversations but don’t let it scare you, and just keep praying for them.

At the end of these conversations, it can either go one of two ways. They are either extremely excited with a little bit of hesitancy or still need time to think about it (which is basically a polite way of saying no). Either way, continue to pray for them and never stop encouraging them to come. If they do say yes.. It’s time to celebrate! \

Welcome them aboard and make sure you introduce them to your friends, youth minister, and core members that way they have more than just you as a friend.

No matter what, evangelizing out to anyone is a challenging thing to do, but you did it! So congratulations for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different!

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